Washington, DC – As the impeachment charade begins today in the U.S. House of Representatives, Operation Rescue, a national pro-life group, denounces the Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Donald J. Trump less than one year before a presidential election.

The following statement is attributable to Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue.

We at Operation Rescue stand behind President Trump one-hundred percent.  He has done more to protect innocent life from the brutality of abortion than any other president in American history.  He has also done more to improve finances and lives for those communities that are most vulnerable to abortion. 

It is the right of the American people to decide at the ballot box next November whether President Trump will continue to serve.  We believe this dubious impeachment process is attempting to unfairly deny the American people of that precious right, just as most of those who support impeachment have worked to deny innocent babies the precious right to life.

Our research as shown that the political corruption that plagues our nation has been perpetrated mostly by the hypocritical Democrats, whose own political campaigns have benefited from the “Dem Con,” in which Democrat politicians have lobbied for funding for Planned Parenthood, which in turn makes generous political contributions to these same Democrats to ensure their re-election in order to keep the money flowing into Planned Parenthood’s coffers.  This scheme is the very definition of “Quid Pro Quo.”

We support President Trump unequivocally and endorse his re-election campaign because that is the best thing for our nation and the best thing for those innocent lives who are at risk from a predatory abortion cartel.  Today we pray for him and his family, and we pray for all of Congress that justice will prevail.

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