Operation Rescue has published many reports on documented cases of women who have succumbed to fatal abortion complications. All of these reports contain supporting documentation. Many of them include actual 911 call recordings. Some of them include autopsy reports.

These deaths were all avoidable. If abortions had not been sought, these women might be alive today, along with their aborted children. With rare exceptions, the abortionists who were responsible for this tragic loss of life have faced little or no consequences.

This archive represents just a small fraction of women who have died from so-called “safe and legal” abortions. We believe strongly, based on our years of research, that abortion facilities under-report patient deaths to keep the truth from the public. That truth is the fact that abortion is not safe, and sometimes — more often that the Abortion Cartel wants you to know — women die along with their unborn babies.

To learn more about these abortion-related maternal deaths please visit our permanent archive of reports at the link below.

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