Recorded phone calls, undercover investigations, and state deficiency reports have shown again and again that the abortion industry covers for rapists, pimps, and human traffickers, most often by failing to report abortions on minors or ignoring obvious coercion.

But it’s not just the coercers pressuring women and girls into the lobbies of abortion clinics who are the abusers — countless women have also experienced horrific sexual abuse at the hands of abortion doctors.

These men (and even some women) have raped women on the abortion table, fondled their bodies when sedated, whispered horrific things into their ears, and taken full advantage of women already participating in an act they often don’t want anyone to know about.

These abortionists are absolute predators, and Operation Rescue is committed to exposing their dirty deeds. What abortion supporters call “healthcare,” we call a well-documented history of abuse.

Predator Profiles

Below are dozens of “Predator Profiles” that Operation Rescue has catalogued so far (in alphabetical order by last name). Predator Profiles are an easy-to-share snapshot of sexual abuse perpetrated by abortionists and abortion workers across the nation. This list is updated regularly!

Want to dig deeper? You can find the full documentation of abuse for each of these predators on, the largest digital collection of documents on America’s Abortion Cartel.