By Cheryl Sullenger
Ever wonder why the Democrats are so dedicated to protecting and expanding abortion? Have you noticed that when defunding Planned Parenthood is discussed, Democrats fly into opposition attack mode with “hair-on-fire” hysteria?
The answer is simple. Follow the money.
They call it “Dark Money.” It is campaign contributions that need not be reported. This is how Planned Parenthood, pro-abortion billionaire George Soros, and others can spend literally millions on political campaigns and essentially buy elections – all while operating under the regulatory radar.
Here’s how the Democrat con scheme works.
Each year, billions in tax-funded grants are up for grabs. All that money is quite a temptation, and the Democrats have figured out how to exploit it with the help of the friends at Planned Parenthood.
For example, Democrats have ensured that Planned Parenthood receives huge amounts of tax money. They aggressively block any attempts to defund the largest abortion supplier in the U.S.
In a three-year time period from 2012-2015, Planned Parenthood received $1.9 Billion in tax funding.
Some of that money, which is not supposed to go toward funding abortions, goes instead to ensuring that abortion remains politically protected – often by the very Democrats who voted to give them tax money.
In this year’s Mid-term elections, Planned Parenthood political action committees nationwide disclosed that they gave $30 million to Democrat candidates who will protect abortion and ensure tax money keeps flowing into Planned Parenthood coffers. However, dark money estimates place the figure closer to $65 million.
An example of Planned Parenthood’s secret campaign contributions was exposed by Project Veritas last month. A campaign staffer of Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill confessed on camera that McCaskill’s campaign received money secretly from Planned Parenthood all so pro-life voters will continue voting for her. (Missourians, please vote for pro-life GOP candidate Josh Hawley instead!)
With estimated $65 million in tax subsidies, Planned Parenthood can literally buy elections for Democrat candidates who might otherwise not be able to raise enough money to be competitive.
Right now, pro-life political organizations don’t compete on a level playing field with Planned Parenthood-financed Democrat campaigns. And we never will as long as Democrats are in a position to ensure Planned Parenthood has ample tax funding to pour back into Democrat campaigns, which will in turn ensure that more tax money remains available for Planned Parenthood.
These huge amounts of money are strong incentives to both Planned Parenthood and their Democrat partners to game the system and exploit campaign finance loopholes.
It is clear that campaign finance laws must be changed to prevent Democrats (and anyone else) from literally paying themselves in American tax dollars that have been “laundered” through organizations such as Planned Parenthood’s political action groups.
“This is your tax money at work,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Let’s not reward Planned Parenthood by voting for Democrats. Too much is at stake! I urge all pro-life supporters to vote Republican and send a clear message we will not allow Planned Parenthood’s Democrat Con to steal elections so they can keep killing babies at tax-payer expense.”
Newman continued, “President Donald Trump has promised to defund Planned Parenthood, but he cannot do it without Congress. A Red Wave at the polls tomorrow will ensure a Republican Majority in the House and Senate that will finally be able to defund Planned Parenthood once and for all. If Democrats take the House, they will protect Planned Parenthood’s tax funding at all costs. In this crucial Mid-term election, a Republican vote is a pro-life vote!”
H/T: QAnon