I Wish She Was My Pastor
Book Review by TROY NEWMAN, President of Operation Rescue
Published, June 20, 2006

Ann Coulter begins her 310 page formal exposé of the American political left with a dedication to “George.” My speculation is that the book was written educate President George W. Bush on how to handle his leftist political opponents in Washington, DC. After praying for our Christian president the last 6 years, I can only dream that he could muster the strength to speak with the clarity and wit of Ann Coulter.
But even more, I just wish for a pastor to preach with the unabashed candor of Coulter. It is too bad that Coulter wears a dress, or I’d toss her name in the hat for the consideration of the Pastoral Search Committee. Rather than searching sermons.com to get their latest topical homily, perhaps ministers could snag a few outlines from Godless.
Godless begins the first and last chapters with a thesis from St. Paul’s book of Romans, “For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator.” And in between, she makes heavy use of Biblical references. Coulter’s unashamed declaration of her faith in Jesus Christ is refreshingly clear and stands in sharp contrast to those conservative “leaders” who seem more ashamed of Christ than their dirty laundry.
Through provocative logic and sound reasoning, (not to mention side-splitting humor), she refutes the entire spectrum of favorite liberal “tenets of faith” by addressing the objective facts on each issue. After reading Godless you will know why the left-wing(nut) media won’t tell the truth about Valerie Plame (a.k.a. “Joe’s wife”), abortion, Iraq, the death penalty, atheism, the 9-11 widows (the “Jersey Gals”), public education, and many other hot topics.
Coulter laces the entire book with references to Roe v. Wade. She despises abortion, and makes that point abundantly clear when she repeatedly flogs the left for making abortion a high “sacrament” in their godless religion. Coulter refers to the factual process of partial-birth abortion as when “baby-killers stick a fork in the back of a baby’s skull.” Now that’s an unwashed truth! (Why won’t pastors say that from the pulpit?)
Godless ridicules the pro-abortion crowd for not ever, ever saying the “A-word” — abortion. They have to call it “choice” or “woman’s health care,” but never abortion because, as Coulter quotes the left, “nobody is FOR abortion.” Coulter likens that stupidity to the unlikely prospect of the NRA saying, “Nobody is FOR guns.” Piece by piece, Coulter annihilates the abortion industry’s godlessness by telling the truth, much to the chagrin of the failing feminist movement.
Coulter juxtaposes the truth of Judeo/Christian God of the Bible with the noxious false god(s) that liberals follow today. In a hilarious and vivid mixture of truth and sarcasm, Coulter laughs at the liberals in the same way God mocks in Scripture those who would bow down to idols handcrafted of wood or stone.
Having been assailed by the rabid homosexuals, bloodthirsty abortionists, and power hungry attorneys, I can empathize with Coulter who, because of her forthrightness and candor, has become the target of a shrieking Left who howl in agony at the mere mention of Godless. Telling the truth to sinners bound for hell will often cause a caustic backlash. Harry Truman once quipped, “I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think its hell.” Thanks to Coulter, the liberals are feeling the heat.
If you are a conservative you won’t be able to put this book down. If you are a liberal you will want to burn it. I suggest you buy a copy and read it before Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer make it a hate crime to read Godless. Better yet, buy two copies and give one to your pastor or, uh, spiritual advisor.
America and its churches are awash in political correctness and “niceness” when what we need is courage to tell the truth. Today Christians have need of nervy leadership, but just as in days gone by when men fail to act courageously the prophets who rise up are women. Ann Coulter is wearing a time-honored dress in the likeness of Carrie Nation, Joan of Arc or the Prophet Deborah. Since we can’t make her a pastor, could we fit her into the Sunday school teacher rotation?