Chino Hills, CA – Pastor Jack Hibbs, Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, has named Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger’s new book, Abortion Free, the “Book of the Month” and will feature it in the church’s bookstore for the month of January.
Pastor Hibbs made the announcement Sunday to his congregation of 5,000 worshippers.
“We are grateful to Pastor Hibbs for making the decision to highlight Abortion Free this month and raise awareness of the urgent need to end abortion in our nation,” said Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “With leadership from the pulpit, we can expect to see great gains as more Christians become involved in protecting innocent lives and work to create abortion-free communities.”
In Abortion Free, Newman and Sullenger share a collection of experiences from the front lines in the battle for life that illustrate successful methods they have developed over decades of activism that are closing down abortion facilities and putting abortionists out of business around the nation. When abortion clinics close, lives are saved.
In fact, Operation Rescue just released the results of their nationwide survey that documents the closing of 73 abortion clinics in 2014 alone!
Newman and Sullenger are the experts on the subject. With the account of one of the nation’s most notorious abortionists, Kansas’ own George Tiller, as the backdrop, they share their more than fifty years of combined experience in shuttering dirty, life-threatening clinics in the first pro-life book that will teach you step-by-step what you can do to help close your local abortion clinic and make America abortion-free.
With the upcoming memorial of the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion in America, which will be marked on January 22, Newman and Sullenger’s Abortion Free is perhaps the most relevant pro-life book that has been published in years!
Abortion Free: Your Manual for Creating an Abortion Free America One Community at a Time is available now at, and from