Operation Rescue has produced a series of 1-minute radio commentaries for a program called “Take a Minute for Life” featuring Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, which airs regularly on the Bott Radio Network.
Below are some of the most recent mini-programs from our archives:
Obama Failed

A New Year and a New Lease on Life

Anniversary or Memorial?

Adoption is the Perfect Option

Christmas is the Perfect Pro-life Holiday

Away in a Manger

Personnel is Policy

The Future of America is Riding on The Presidential Election

Ninety-five Percent of Texas Abortion Clinics FAILED Their Inspections

I’m Voting NOT to Retain 4 of the 5 Kansas Supreme Court Justices

California Just Made Me A Criminal

Planned Parenthood Sends Another Woman to an Early Grave

Another Way to View the Presidential Elections

It’s Time to Vote Like a Baby!

A Big “Thank You” To Bott Radio Network!

Abortion Patient Dies – Another Victim of “Choice”

Felony Charges Against Undercover Filmmakers Dismissed!

Special Interest Money Defeats Pro-Life Rep. Tim Huelskamp

Florida Abortionist Indicted by a Grand Jury

Congress Demands Criminal Prosecutions for New Mexico Abortionists

Another Criminal Abortionist

A Supreme Mistake

You are as Valuable as Fine Gold

The Nation’s Most Dangerous Abortion Clinic

Congress is Chasing Down the Abortion Cartel

Trump Picks Supreme Court Justices

Is a Missouri Judge Working for Planned Parenthood?

Rev. Franklin Graham Inspires Kansans

The Empire Strikes Back

The Abortion Cartel’s Dirty Secret

Number of Abortions Free-Falling in Kansas

Trump Flip-Flop on Planned Parenthood

CA Attorney General’s Office Raids the Office of the Center for Medical Progress

LeRoy Carhart Kills Again

So Why is Planned Parenthood Still Getting Out Tax-Dollars

An Election Year Commentary

Six Years and Waiting in Kansas

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Planned Parenthood Piles On!

strong>We’re Going to the Supreme Court!

More 911 Calls from the Most Dangerous Abortion Center in the U.S.

43 Years of Abortion on Demand

Closed, Closed, Closed!

First-Ever Veritas Award

Abortions Continue to Decline

Children are the Ultimate Gift

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

The Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood

Six Abortion Clinics Close in Six Weeks!

86 Thousand Reasons Not to Trust Dems Investigating Planned Parenthood

Fetal Organ Harvesting “Cute”?

A Simple Prayer Request

By the Numbers

“Highly Edited and Sensationalized”

The Top Three Secrets of Planned Parenthood

I Had a Three-Year Secret

The New Planned Parenthood Tactic: Shoot the Messenger

The Planned Parenthood Fall-Out

The Videos Seen ‘Round the World!

The Supremes Have Spoken — Wrongly!

Abortion and Gay Marriage

More Good News from Oklahoma

The Work Must Go On

A Major Breakthrough in Congress

You are a Beautiful Creation of God!

It’s Demolition Time!

Finally, a Court Decision We Can Live With

The Hurting Never Stops at Cleveland’s Preterm Abortion Clinic

More Pressure for Speaker Boehner

What Does Abortion Have to Do with Gay Marriage

A Small Loss of Freedom to Stand With the Innocent

Kansas 2011 Abortion Clinic Licensing Law Sees Small Movement in Court, but Not Enough To Stop This…

Kansas Abortionists Sued After Horrific Complication

At the Intersection of Morality and Medicine

An Incompetent Abortionist in Wichita

Abortion Cookies

Court Blocks Planned Parenthood from Opening

New Mexico Does An About-Face

Abortion Clinic Filth Exposed!

National Trend of Abortion Clinic Closures Continues

It’s National Sanctity of Human Life Month

More Good News from Oklahoma!

When Abortion Mills Close, Babies Get Saved!

We Do NOT Have An Immigration Problem

The Reason We Celebrate Christmas!

Oklahoma Abortionist Arrested & Jailed!

What Do Joan Rivers and Lakisha Wilson Have in Common?

California’s Abortion Mandate: We Will Not Comply!

Round and Round We Go

Could Ebola Accomplish the Godless Left’s Goals?

Building an Abortion-Free America; New Book Now Available

Mission Accomplished! Abortionist’s License Revoked

KS Senate Candidate Orman = Big Abortion

Another 14 Abortion Mills Close in Texas!

What Does Ray Rice and Abortion Have in Common?

PBS Airs “Sympathy for the Devil”

Ohio Abortion Facilities Unlicensed, But Open Anyway

It’s Half-Time in Texas

A Flagship Abortion Mill Shuts Down

Another Abortion Mill Bites the Dust

Our Work is Not Yet Done

Operation Rescue Sues to Get 911 Information about Planned Parenthood Botches

Victory for America

Setting the Record Straight

Sebelius Strike Three

Wichita Abortion Mill Loses Another Round

The Abortion Cartel Kills Another Mom

The Next Round of Obamacare Lawsuits

Planned Parenthood Allows Another Rapist to Go Free

On the Anniversary of Gosnell’s Murder Conviction

The Adoption Option

I am an Obamacare Outlaw

More Pain at a Michigan Abortion Clinic

Chemical Weapons are Killing Children

ObamaCare is Coming

Disgraced Kansas Abortionist Back in the News

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