Historic Archive: Operation Rescue’s Exclusive Reports on Convicted Murderer Kermit Gosnell

This is a permanent historic archive of exclusive reports produced by Operation Rescue on convicted murder, Philadelphia’s Kermit Gosnell.

Operation Rescue’s Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger was among the first to understand the importance of the case. She covered the story from the moment Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” West Philadelphia abortion clinic was raided in January, 2011, through his trial in April-May, 2013, to the 2014 sentencing of notorious case’s final defendant.

Her exclusive first-hand reports from the courtroom — well ahead of any national media outlet — prompted a Tweet-fest that drew national attention to Gosnell’s gruesome crimes. The impact of this case and Operation Rescue’s momentous coverage sent reverberations throughout the United States and has resulted in new laws that continue to close abortion clinics across the country.


  • Read the full Grand Jury Report
  • Read the Presentment (Recommended charges issued by the Grand Jury)
  • View photos of Gosnell’s victims
  • View the Gosnell gang’s mug shots and description of charges
  • Video: Evidence from Gosnell “House of Horrors” Trial
  • The Raid

  • Shop of Horrors: Abortion Death Prompts Raid, Grisly Discovery
  • “He Left An Arm And A Leg Inside Me”- PA Abortion Horror Highlights Need For Greater Oversight
  • PA Abortionist Deceives In TV Interview
  • Delaware Suspends Gosnell’s Medical License
  • PA Health Dept. Acts To Prevent Abortions At “House of Horrors” Clinic
  • Feds Raid Home of PA Abortionist – Seize Documents
  • Authorities Convene Grand Jury, Attempt To Close Abortion Clinic For Good
  • Justice is Coming – Or Is It? Abortion Cases To Watch In 2011 (OR calls for public pressure on Philadelphia District Attorney’s office to charge Gosnell just two weeks before his arrest.)
  • The Arrest and Aftermath

  • BREAKING NEWS! Philly Abortionist, 9 Others Jailed on 8 Counts of Murder in Overnight Raid
  • Not the Only House of Horrors: Troubled Baton Rouge Abortion Mill Has Disturbing Ties to Gosnell
  • Scandal-Plagued National Abortion Federation Cuts Loose More Troubled Abortion Mills
  • Exposing Abortion Corruption: A Tale of Two Prosecutors
  • Fifth Abortion Worker Pleads Guilty to Murder
  • One Abortion Clinic Closes, Five Others Stop Surgical Abortions Due to Pennsylvania Law
  • The Trial

  • Jury Selection to Begin in Murder Case of Abortionist that Snipped Newborn’s Spinal Cords
  • Abortionist Gosnell Rejects Plea Deal, Jury Selection Underway in Capital Murder Case
  • Prosecution Reconstructs Abortion Room in Court for Gosnell Murder Trial
  • State Inspector’s Horrific Discoveries at Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic Described In Court
  • Fight Breaks Out At Gosnell Abortion Murder Trial
  • Homicide Determination in Abortion Death Sparks Outburst, Anger at Gosnell Murder Trial
  • Aborted Babies Dramatically Testify Against Gosnell at Murder Trial
  • Gosnell Sister-in-Law Emotionally Testifies of Mongar Death, Disposal of Bloody Remains
  • Gosnell Employee: ‘It would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place’
  • Exception or Rule? Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” Not So Rare
  • Gosnell Witness Recants Guilty Plea, Still Testifies of Abortion Horrors
  • Mental Illness Plagued Gosnell Employees Who ‘Snipped’ Baby’s Necks
  • Dead or Alive: Gosnell Defense Floats Theory That Babies were Dead When Necks Were Snipped
  • #Gosnell ‘Tweet-Up’ Grabs Attention As Grisly Murder Trial Continues
  • Carnage: Grisly Testimony and Photos of Aborted Baby Remains Dominate Gosnell Trial
  • Family of Dead Abortion Patient Give Tearful Testimony at Gosnell Murder Trial
  • Prosecution: Files Show Evidence of Illegal Late-Term Abortions by Gosnell
  • Powerful Testimony of Horrific Abortion Abuses Ends Prosecution Case in Gosnell Murder Trial
  • Common Abortion Abuses Reflected in Gosnell Abortion Patient Testimony
  • Shocker: Gosnell Judge Dismissed 3 Murder Charges, Five Remain
  • Gosnell Defense Rests Without A Witness as Judge Clarifies Murder Charge Dismissal
  • Impassioned Closing Arguments Stir Emotions in Gosnell Trial
  • Jury Deliberations Begin in “House of Horrors” Murder Case
  • Day Three of Jury Deliberations Keep Focus on Gosnell Co-Defendant with History of “Post-Traumatic Stress”
  • Defense Attorney in Gosnell Case Angry About Fox News Special, Judge Quizzes Jurors
  • Questions Abound on Day 8 of Gosnell Jury Deliberations
  • Gosnell Jury Hung on 2 Counts; Ordered to Try Again
  • GUILTY! Gosnell Found Guilty of 3 Counts of First Degree Murder
  • Sentencing

  • Gosnell Case Moves to Penalty Phase
  • Bill Banning Late Abortions in DC Expanded to Include All States In Response to Gosnell-Karpen Horrors
  • First of Gosnell Employees Sentenced to Probation For Perjury
  • Pro-Life Groups Demand Release of Gosnell Victims’ Remains for Proper Burial
  • “Gosnell’s Babies” Reveals Mental Illness Inside the Abortion Cartel
  • Gosnell Accomplice Steven Massof Sentenced in Abortion “House of Horrors” Case
  • Gosnell Post Script: How They Were Sentenced
  • More

  • Temporary Memorial Set at Gosnell Babies’ Unmarked Grave Site
    • cranemaker

      Let Gosnell be a case example of the abortion industry’s lack of standards for clients’ health and safety.

    • mblickenderfer

      I am glad to see that you have all of this information regarding this evil butcher archived. When the information first came to light, it quickly vanished. Later, I found that updated information was released but the original transcripts were still buried. It’s important that news like this remain accessable.

    • revdto

      This is put together well in the book “Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Greatest Mass Murderer.” Horrific accounts of evil butchery!

    • Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger just released her eyewitness account called “The Trial of Kermit Gosnell: The Shocking Details and What it Revealed About the Abortion Industry in America.” It is available at https://www.amazon.com/Trial-Kermit-Gosnell-Shocking-Revealed/dp/1944212841/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497972908&sr=8-1&keywords=sullenger

    • revdto

      Thank you. I will look this up as well. The more info that gets out about this the better.