Mission Statement: Operation Rescue® is a leading Christian activist organization dedicated to saving innocent, preborn babies by utilizing investigative techniques to expose deceit, neglect, and abuse within the abortion cartel, while demanding enforcement of state and federal standards and statutes.

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Troy Newman, President


Adopted at birth and raised in San Diego, Troy Newman has more than 27 years of experience and leadership in business and pro-life ministry with great success growing Christian organizations. Troy is an accomplished strategist with remarkable insight.

His vision, expertise, and leadership have brought about a dramatic reduction in the numbers of abortions and abortion providers nationally. His work has been featured in the Rolling Stone Magazine, GQ, USA Today, WND.com, Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, NYT, and a host of other print media. Troy is a sought after spokesperson for the pro-life cause who is regularly featured on radio programs and television news broadcasts. In addition, his one-minute audio commentaries are aired daily across the Bott Radio Network. Troy’s unique insights have been published in nearly every newspaper in the United States.

Troy serves on boards for a number of pro-life groups and was a founding board member for the Center for Medical Progress, the organization that has made headlines with its hard-hitting videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s participation in the illegal trafficking of fetal remains.

Troy is a published author of four books: Their Blood Cries Out, Am I Now Your Enemy for Telling You the Truth, Refocusing the Pro-Life Movement for Victory, and his newest book published by WND.com entitled Abortion Free.

As president of Operation Rescue since 1999, Troy offers a rare blend of theological wisdom and organizational strengths. Through his peaceful, proactive efforts, Troy has forged exciting bottom-line results. His work has permanently closed hundreds of abortion mills, led dozens of abortionists leave the killing industry, spared countless babies from abortion, and is changing lives through the public offering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is especially recognized for his growing success in developing and applying cutting-edge pro-life strategies.

Troy was the architect and innovator of the “Truth Truck” campaign and the “Show the Truth” Tours. Troy worked for eight years in Wichita, KS, to close the nation’s largest late-term abortion clinic.

Troy Newman is able to speak on almost any Life or theological issue with clarity. Troy hosted a weekly radio show, Rescue Radio, for nearly 6 years and is an in-demand speaker for both pro-life and church events.

Prior to 1995, Troy worked as an Electronic Engineer for Loral Aerospace and Ford Aerospace. He graduated from Maranatha Bible College and attended Whitefield Theological Seminary.

Troy’s other business interests include real estate development investments and rental properties. Troy’s hobbies are hunting, ranching, and gardening, and he has two Black Belts in Martial Arts. Troy and his wife, Mellissa, homeschool their five children on a small hobby farm in Kansas.

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Anne Reed, Senior Policy Advisor

Anne Reed,
Senior Policy Advisor

After experiencing life-changing forgiveness and healing from a 1987 abortion, Reed facilitated Christ-centered healing classes and regularly visited incarcerated women, many of whom were suffering from post-abortion trauma. During those 13 years of witnessing the deep wounds of so many women tragically fooled by the lies of the media and abortion industry, she began to sense a calling on her life to help bring an end to the scourge of abortion on our nation.

Before accepting the role of Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue, she worked to educate and inspire Americans concerning the sanctity of human life in her role as a staff writer for the American Family Association. She has served in numerous expansive volunteer roles: as a full-time crew member with an international humanitarian aid organization, as interim executive director of a start-up, residential program for sexually exploited women. And, as a Board member and spokesperson for Personhood Mississippi, she filed a Life at Conception citizen’s ballot initiative. Previously, she held various roles in healthcare administration: physician recruitment, hospital fundraising, provider credentialing, and medical practice management.

Sarah Neely, Project Coordinator

Sarah Neely, Project Coordinator

Sarah Neely currently serves as Project Coordinator for Operation Rescue. She has been a pro-life advocate for nearly two decades, working with many national pro-life groups along the way, including thirteen years with CEC For Life. Over the years, Sarah has served as reporter, researcher, social media coordinator, executive assistant, or event planner — whatever the preborn babies need on that particular day of the week. With a BFA in Creative Writing, she is also a freelance editor and, most days, a poet.

Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Vice President Emeritus

Sullenger has been involved in the pro-life movement since 1984. She founded and directed the California Life Coalition in San Diego and worked with Troy Newman and Operation Rescue to help close over a dozen abortion clinics in Southern California and influence over 40 abortionists to quit the abortion business. Her sidewalk counseling ministry saved over 2,500 lives.

Cheryl Sullenger

In 2003, Sullenger relocated to Wichita, Kansas, where she served as Senior Vice President of Operation Rescue until her retirement in June 30, 2022. Sullenger conducted extensive research on abortionists around the nation. Her research and documentation has helped bring attention to the seedy underbelly of the abortion industry and has been instrumental in closing abortion clinics, launching investigations, and bringing disciplinary action and criminal prosecutions against abortionists around the country.

Sullenger is an accomplished writer and published author. She co-authored several books with Newman, including Their Blood Cries Out and Abortion Free. Sullenger also authored The Trial of Kermit Gosnell based on her first-hand reporting from the courtroom of Gosnell’s 2013 murder trial.


  • Operation Rescue was among the first to denounce the murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller in 2009. All accusations, implications, or inferences that there was any involvement by Operation Rescue in the death of George Tiller is completely false. Operation Rescue and its staff were not involved in any way. Operation Rescue explicitly denounces violence in any form as a means of ending abortion. [Read our press statement regarding the death of George Tiller]
  • Randall Terry is not associated with nor does he speak for Operation Rescue. Read statements about this.
  • lnformation about Operation Rescue and Troy Newman found on Wikipedia is inaccurate and should be ignored. It should also be noted that numerous independent blog sites found on the Internet have no accountability and should not be trusted as a source of accurate information about Operation Rescue. If anyone has any questions about us, please contact us directly.