Sexual Misconduct Allegations Surface Against “Christian” Abortionist Willie Parker

By Cheryl Sullenger The National Network of Abortions Funds (NNAF) released a statement yesterday distancing itself from nationally known abortionist Willie Parker after allegations arose that he was involved in a pattern of sexual misconduct. Willie Parker has been heavily promoted by the Abortion Cartel over the years as being a supposed “Christian” abortionist in […]

Unlicensed Clinic Evasive with 911 to Keep Botched Abortion Details Off the Internet

By Cheryl Sullenger Peoria, IL – When an employee from Whole Women’s Health, an abortion facility in Peoria, Illinois, called 911 for emergency help, it appeared to be a routine call.  But once the dispatcher began asking questions, the call took a serious, and potentially dangerous turn. A recording, computer aided dispatch transcript. and photos […]

Woman’s Luck Runs Out on Fourth Abortion with Hole Torn in Womb

By Cheryl Sullenger Westland, MI – One woman who reportedly had three previous abortions, rolled the dice one more time for a fourth abortion at Northland Family Planning, an abortion facility in Westland, Michigan.  This time, her luck ran out. According to an EMS Pre-Hospital Care Report on file at the Westland Fire Department, a […]

911: Woman Hemorrhages at Late-term Abortion Clinic Facing Closure

By Cheryl Sullenger Dayton, OH – For the second time in four weeks, the Women’s Med Center, a troubled late-term abortion facility owned by nationally-known abortionist Martin Haskell has placed a 911 call for help with a patient suffering a serious medical emergency.  The Women’s Med Center is known to be one of six abortion […]

Hear 911: Woman Chokes On Vomit After Abortion

By Cheryl Sullenger Chicago, IL – A series of 911 recordings has dramatically detailed an incident that took place over the course of about a half an hour involving a serious abortion complication at the Family Planning Associates (FPA) abortion clinic in Chicago, Illinois, that resulted in an angry patient who was prevented from leaving […]