By Cheryl Sullenger
Chicago, IL — Newly obtained 911 records indicate that there were four medical emergencies within four months at the busy Planned Parenthood abortion facility on LaSalle Drive in downtown Chicago.
The four call recordings, provided to Operation Rescue by the Pro-Life Action League, indicate that Planned Parenthood employees dialed 911 for the following reasons:

October 4, 2017: A 35-year old woman required emergency transport after an abortion for bleeding “more than normal.”
November 16, 2017: A 20-year old woman suffered seizures after an abortion and needed to be transported to the hospital for further care.
February 3, 2018: A 26-year old woman was experiencing “heavy, excessive bleeding” after an abortion and required emergency medical care.
February 27, 2018: A 32-year old woman was said to be “not as responsive as we like her to be” after an abortion.

Ambulances were dispatched for all four women. It is presumed that each was transported to a local hospital for additional emergency care that the Planned Parenthood facility could not provide.

In 2016, Operation Rescue documented six medical emergencies at the La Salle Dr. Planned Parenthood, including a November 1 incident where there was confusion over which patient required emergency transport for elevated blood pressure after an abortion that could not be controlled. Other complications ranged from a non-responsive patient to severe abdominal pain. One woman fell after an abortion and struck her head.
“It is hard to say how many other medical emergencies there have been at this Planned Parenthood facility, but it seems like things go very wrong there much too often,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “I know of no other kind of outpatient surgery facility that must call for ambulances more than abortion businesses.”
Operation Rescue recently launched a new web site,, that focuses on medical emergencies at abortion facilities.
“By documenting as many of these incidents as possible, we hope to prove that abortion is not as safe as abortionists would have us all believe,” said Newman. “Anyone who has witnessed an ambulance at an abortion facility is urged to contact us with the information.”
Abortion emergencies can be reported to