Washington, DC – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated on ABC’s “This Week” program on Sunday morning that the government should pay for birth control as a part of the economic stimulus package in order to reduce costs.
“So now, according to Pelosi’s thinking, flooding abortion clinics with tax money to pay for contraception is supposed to stimulate the economy. That’s ‘freakonomics’ at best. But at worst, it is a government sponsored program to reduce the population,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This is the beginning of the pay-back to Planned Parenthood for supporting Obama.”
Abortion businesses, such as Planned Parenthood are likely to financially benefit the most from Pelosi’s anti-baby windfall. Birth control pills are abortefacients that can either kill human beings in the earliest stage of development. Birth control failure can lead to an increase in abortions. Because of this, there are moral objections to birth control pills and other so-called contraceptives.
“Pelosi is implying that low-income people should not be having babies as a means of stimulating the economy. This is the complete opposite of what her Catholic religious beliefs instruct her. The Bible clearly states that children are a gift from God and a reward, not a burden,” said Newman.
“Pelosi is literally placing a price-tag on the lives of innocent children. It is outrageous and abhorant that the government should attempt to use tax dollars to regulate the size of one’s family based on their socio-economic status. It smacks of eugenics. That is a policy you would expect to find in Communist China, but not in the United States.”