Carhart’s Botched 21-Week Abortion Sends 23rd Woman to the Hospital Since 2012

By Cheryl Sullenger Bethesda, MD – The nationally known late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, has hospitalized another woman after what appears to have been an incomplete 21-week abortion at his misnamed full-term abortion facility, C.A.R.E. in Bethesda, Maryland. Carhart is one of a handful of abortionists in the U.S. that openly conducts abortions throughout all nine […]

911: No “Doctor” Present for Hemorrhaging Woman at Reno Planned Parenthood Abortion Pill Facility

By Cheryl Sullenger Reno, NV – For the second time in less than two months, the Fifth Street Planned Parenthood in Reno, Nevada, contacted 911 requesting an ambulance for a Priority 1 emergency. This was unusual since the Fifth Street Planned Parenthood facility dispenses abortion pills but does not conduct surgical abortions.  This means it […]

Traumatic Injury During Abortion Results in Dangerous Hemorrhage at a Florida Planned Parenthood

By Cheryl Sullenger Fort Myers, FL – A Planned Parenthood worker called 911 for an ambulance to transport a 35-year-old woman who was hemorrhaging dangerously after an abortion. Operation Rescue obtained 911 records from the May 13, 2021, emergency that showed the woman suffered a traumatic injury to her uterus during the abortion.  The clinic […]

Pro-Life Group that Witnessed a Medical Emergency at Tucson’s Planned Parenthood Is Now Inviting Her to Contact Them

By Cheryl Sullenger Tucson, AZ – A 28-year-old woman was transported by ambulance from the Southern Arizona Regional Health Center Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Tucson, Arizona, on May 5, 2021.  According to an anonymous source, she suffered from “excessive bleeding from the uterus.” Pro-life activists with Pro-Love Tucson witnessed the emergency.  Now, they are […]

Ann Arbor Planned Parenthood Hospitalizes Third Woman So Far in 2021

By Cheryl Sullenger Ann Arbor, MI – The 40 Days for Life organization in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has reported that an ambulance was called to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility there for a woman who suffered abortion complications so serious that she required ambulance transport to a nearby hospital. This is the third medical emergency […]