By Cheryl Sullenger
Chicago, IL – Another medical emergency at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility has recently surfaced that brings total the number of known emergency patients to 20 over since January 2016.
On November 1, 2016, an ambulance was called to the Near North Center Planned Parenthood on La Salle Dr. in Chicago, Illinois, for a patient who was suffering from extremely high blood pressure.
But the Planned Parenthood worker who placed the call began first to give information about the wrong patient to the 911 dispatcher. She was stopped by another worker who told her she had the wrong woman. The 911 dispatcher was then placed on hold for 25 seconds as the two tried to figure out which patient actually required emergency help.
Once the right information was given to the dispatcher, it was redacted by the City of Chicago.
The 911 recording was provided to Operation Rescue by the Pro-life Action League, which is headquartered in Chicago.
The Planned Parenthood abortion facility on LaSalle is likely the location of a patient fatality in 2012. Abortionist Mandy Gittler conducted a second-trimester abortion on Tonya Reaves July 20, 2012. During the abortion, Reaves’ uterus was perforated, but Gittler waited over five hours to call for an ambulance. Because Gittler told paramedics that she was admitting Reaves for observation, her uncontrolled internal hemorrhaging was not detected until it was too late to save her life. Planned Parenthood later settled a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Reaves’ family for $1.5 million.
Although Operation Rescue has documented 20 medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities — including at least one abortion-related death — in the psst 13 months, that could represent just a small number of women actually injured by Planned Parenthood.
“What pro-life supporters see on the street is the tip of the iceberg and does not take into account many women who experience life-threatening complications once they leave the abortion facility,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There is a serious lack of consistent laws in every state that would require the reporting of abortion complications. This helps Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses to cover-up the true dangers that exist at abortion facilities across America. It is truly worse than most people think.”
Operation Rescue supports the immediate defunding of Planned Parenthood, which currently received over $500 million dollars per year from the U.S. taxpayers.
“If Planned Parenthood is going to continue killing babies and maiming women through abortion, our tax money should not be supporting it,” said Newman.
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