DA Drops Tiller Charges! OR Says Cronyism Thwarts Justice in Kansas

Wichita, KS — District Attorney Nola Foulston has successfully moved to drop the 30 charges against late-term abortionist George R. Tiller filed yesterday in Sedgwick County District Court by Kansas Attrney General Phill Kline. The motion was made because, under Kansas Law, charges can only be filed by an Attorney General at the invitation of the District Attorney or request of the governor or legislature. All charges have been dropped.

Foulston has come under criticism by pro-life supporters for refusing to prosecute accusations against Tiller because of her personal friendship with him. It is alleged that she adopted her only son through Tiller, who has stated publicly that he has arranged adoptions in return for political favors.

“This is a classic example of why justice cannot be done in this state because so many officials have ties to George Tiller,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Money buys a lot of favors here. This miscarriage of justice must not be allowed to stand. ”

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  • It figures.So sad.I pray for some divine intervention in this case.Shame on George Tiller.

  • steven

    It is clear that the man is simply above the law. He seems to have a free pass to do whatever he pleases. Is this what ‘government by the people, for the people, etc’ is supposed to be? This clearly exposes a shortfall of our legal system. Aside from a revival of our courts, with Christ at the center, we should not be surprised by any of this. How different this land would look if we had true revivial, like what happened in Wales and the Hebrides Islands.

  • Heywood Jallison

    I’ve said it on here before (when the grand jury was sitting) and I’ll say it again:
    Getting rid of this pro-abortion woman (?) should be job number one of the pro-life community in the Wichita area.

    I want to help picket her home in January!

  • Stephanie H.

    Time to start cranking out more imprecatory prayers.

  • Bill

    Wow, talk about fast service! I’ve never heard about government bureaucracy going this fast. Does the Sedgwick County DA work this fast for everyone?

  • Robert

    The church has accepted unbiblical premises of the “Pacifist Jesus” movement, forfeiting the opportunity to advocate the just and equal protection of defenseless PREBORN children that is afforded to the BORN child desiring instead to trust in man’s law and failing politicians like Nola Foulston who are blown to and fro with every tolerant wind of perversion.

    Righteous justice needs to be sought FOR these preborn children, AGAINST their killers and AGAINST the rapists of minor girls REGARDLESS of having a government completely forfeiting their right to be honored as the Ministers of Justice they are supposed to be.

    Their blood cries out from the ground for justice!

  • Bill

    The Eagle has Kline’s statement at:


    Thankfully, this is not over yet. Let us pray that the case will be reopened and heard.

  • Tiller should be in prison, or more accurately on death row, if Kansas has the death penalty for anyone besides unborn children. District Attorney Nola Foulston should be with him. We know one day God will take justice on these murderers, in the mean time, it is our duty as Christians to protect the innocents from the hands of these killers.

  • Mike

    I am shocked at this last minute change. Foulston needs to be found guilty of obstructing justice and removed from office at once.

    We must pray diligently that Kline is successful in his efforts, and not lose faith that God will prevail.

    The legal wranglings of the guilty never cease to amaze me. Can’t it be proven that she is biased due to Tiller’s monetary donations to her…not to mention their personal friendship???

    Everyone needs to e mail Foulston at the address Troy provided: da@sedgwick.gov

  • Are they serious?This man is operating like Hitler.We live in the USA and permit innocent blood shed in this country for no good reason every single day! It has got to stop.A woman can enter an abortion clinic today and complain of something as minor as “I have terrible nausea from my pregnancy”and Whoosh!!-the abortion is performed- no questions asked. Another dead baby.How can something this sick be tolerated?This man even has his own oven to burn the tiny bodies.Mad men like Tiller and Leroy Carhart[less] must be stopped.These men are dangerous as well as cruel to women and ,of course their babies.

  • eric mcewan

    george tiller is period point blank a murdering scum bag.
    be not decieved God is not mocked, whatever a man sows that shall he also reap. repnt george and see the light.