Washington, DC — Abortion supporters were dealt a crucial blow when the U.S. Senate voted 58-42 to confirm Judge Samuel Alito to the United States Supreme Court, increasing their fears that abortion may soon be declared unconstitutional.
The first loss to the abortion lobby came in the Senate on Tuesday night when it failed to muster the required 41 votes to block the confirmation vote of Judge Alito.
Alito faced stiffer opposition because, unlike Chief Justice John Roberts, he never admitted that Roe is “settled law.”
“This lack of capitulation to the pro-abortion crowd incited a feeble coalition of pro-abortion Senators to mount a filibuster attempt,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “That effort predictably failed, opening the way for today’s vote.”
Senators John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Edward Kennedy and 21 other Senators pinned their failed hopes of defeating Alito’s confirmation on his opposition to abortion. But a number of Democratic Senators broke ranks with the abortion lobby and cast their votes in support of Judge Alito.
“Pro-life is a winning position,” said Newman. “Abortion lost today, abortion lost in the last two presidential elections, and abortion will continue to lose its death grip on the American people.”
“Support for abortion on demand is dying and Roe’s supporters are gasping for air. It is only the out-dated Senators, like Ted Kennedy, hanging on to the past who haven’t figured out that abortion’s days are numbered,” Newman said.