Operation Rescue calls on the Board of Healing Arts to suspend Tiller’s license and close his mill

Wichita, KS — Attorneys for late-term abortionist George R. Tiller announced at a press conference today that charges have been filed by Attorney General Phill Kline against their client for illegal late-term abortions and what they described as a “technical” violation of Kansas reporting laws.
Tiller is scheduled to appear in Sedgwick County District Court on Wednesday, December 27, to answer multiple misdemeanor counts filed against him in a contentious case where Tiller unsuccessfully fought to prevent law enforcement from gaining access to medical records that likely contained incriminating evidence against him.
When asked by an Operation Rescue reporter who was present at the news conference how many charges were in the complaint, Tiller attorney Lee Thompson seemed very uncomfortable and would only say that it was a “number of misdemeanors involving a number of patients.” Sources have told Operation Rescue that it could be as many as thirty counts. Thompson said that Tiller has not yet been booked.
Yesterday, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly discussed the possibility of charges being filed against Tiller. Commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano indicated that while the charges likely to be filed against Tiller were misdemeanors, Tiller could still face up to six months in jail for each count.
Thompson indicated that a summons had been issued to Tiller by a copy being placed in Tiller’s door sometime overnight. He also indicated that he was in possession of the complaint, but declined to share the details with reporters because the case was allegedly under seal.
“We have been working toward this day for four years,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We have repeatedly reported on our web site and through press releases that we believed that Tiller was breaking the law, injuring women and killing innocent late-term babies that should have had the protection of the law. Now it looks like Tiller is finally being brought to justice.”
“We now call on the Kansas Board of Healing Arts to suspend Tiller’s license and close his abortion clinic to insure that further crimes are not committed,” said Newman. “We won’t rest until Tiller is convicted and behind bars and his abortion mill is permanently closed.”