• Malpractice Suit: Carhart, Abortion Staff “Covered in Blood” during Horrific Botched Late-Term Abortion
  • Abortion Is Not Safe:  California Woman Dies Painful Death after Botched Abortion
  • Whistleblowers, Other Experts Warn of Increased Risks of Infertility, Death after COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Dumpster Diving Homeless Man Discovers Bloody Abortion Horrors at Baton Rouge and Shreveport Abortion Facilities
  • Election Integrity is a Pro-Life Issue
  • China’s 3-Child Policy Shows Desperation, Not Reform
  • 911: Three Women in 8 Weeks Suffer Life-Threatening Botched Abortions at Las Vegas “Termination” Training Facility
  • Abortion Drugs on “Massive Scale” Unleashed by Biden Administration
  • Court Packing is on the Table with Biden’s New SCOTUS Commission – And Look Who’s Involved
  • Autopsy Report Reveals Alabama Woman Died of Perforated Uterus During Abortion
  • False Accusations Vilifying Pro-Life Leaders as “Violent” Adamantly Denounced by Operation Rescue
  • The Political Consulting Firm “Behind the Curtain” in American Politics is No Friend of Pro-Life Conservatives
  • Here’s Who’s Responsible for Rules Changes that Resulted in Election Chaos that Took States from Trump
  • Shell Game: Steven Chase Brigham Seeks to Avoid Paying Judgment in Mishandled Chemical Abortion Case
  • China Virus Contact Tracing: Those Behind It Might Surprise You
  • Operation Rescue Introduces Abortion911.com to Prove Abortion Isn’t Safe
  • Operation Rescue’s Non-Violent History is a Matter of Public Record
  • New Book, Abortion Free, Tells the Inside Story of Late-Term Abortionist George Tiller and His “After Tiller” Protégés
  • Visit AbortionDocs.org

Special Investigative Reports

Throw Back Thursday: Reposting OR’s Exclusive Report on Abortion Training Programs and Who is Funding Them

Today, we are reposting an exclusive report from Operation Rescue that we first published … [Read More...]

Abortions In America Page Contains Current Abortion Information Suppressed by Big Tech

By Cheryl Sullenger Operation Rescue has released an updated version of its popular informational page, “Abortion In America.” This page, which contains data, graphs, and links on currently available abortion statistics all in one place, was once Operation Rescue’s most-visited page before Google searches first began suppressing the content in 2017. The newly updated page […]

Abortion Drugs on “Massive Scale” Unleashed by Biden Administration

By Cheryl Sullenger Seattle, WA – When the Biden Administration allowed for abortion-inducing drugs to be distributed by mail last month, it opened Pandora’s Box, of sorts, which is likely result a vast expansion of chemical abortions in the U.S.   Now, at least one abortion business is taking full advantage of this dangerous policy change. […]

Court Packing is on the Table with Biden’s New SCOTUS Commission – And Look Who’s Involved

By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, D.C. – The Biden-Harris Administration has created a new Commission on the U.S. Supreme Court that is tasked with examining the “Court’s role in the Constitutional system,” including among other things, the length of terms that justices serve, and – most disturbingly – the membership and size of the Court. During […]

Shut Them Down: Brigham’s Florida Abortion Business Has Failed Three Inspections Since Reopening in 2020

A Special Report from Operation Rescue By Cheryl Sullenger Pensacola, FL — To the average person, the name “American Family Planning” may sound relatively innocuous and even slightly patriotic.  But there is an adage that warns against judging a book by its cover that everyone would do well to heed, especially in this case. American […]

Autopsy Report Reveals Alabama Woman Died of Perforated Uterus During Abortion

By Cheryl Sullenger Tuscaloosa, AL – A woman who died after leaving the West Alabama Women’s Center (WAWC) abortion facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on May 7, 2020, has been identified through her autopsy report as 29-year-old April Lowery. The report was obtained by the CEC for Life on behalf of a coalition of national and […]

Ohio Abortion Pill Complications Reported in 2020 Raise Possibility of Incomplete Reporting

By Cheryl Sullenger Columbus, OH – According to new records obtained by Operation Rescue, 74 women suffered complications after taking the abortion-inducing drugs Mifepristone (RU486) and Misoprostol that were dispensed by Ohio abortion facilities in 2020. Ohio requires abortion facilities to fill out and submit “Report of RU-486 Event” forms for each woman who suffers […]

Abortion Is Not Safe: New Video Documents 67 Abortion-Related Medical Emergencies and 1 Maternal Death in 2020

By Cheryl Sullenger Wichita, KS – Today, Operation Rescue released a new video that documents 67 medical emergencies that took place at American abortion facilities in 2020, including one abortion-related maternal death.  The video vividly shatters the rhetoric of the Abortion Cartel that attempts to convince the public that abortion is safe. The number of […]

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