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Special Investigative Reports

How Harvesting Organs from a Dead Abortion Patient Thwarted Justice

An Operation Rescue Special Report By Cheryl Sullenger Cleveland, OH -- When Lakisha … [Read More...]

Federal Suit Against Disgraced Abortionist Reveals Dangers of Corners-Cutting Methotrexate Abortions

Bottom-of-the-barrel abortionists use this cheap, ineffective abortion drug to financially exploit poor women at the cost of their safety By Cheryl Sullenger Frederick, Maryland — When Christy O’Connell reported to one of Steven Chase Brigham’s Maryland abortion facilities on July 26, 2012, she had no idea how that visit would alter her life. According to […]

Number of Late-term Abortion Facilities in the USA May Surprise You

By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, D.C. — When Marist polled the American public on the subject of late-term abortion in November 2015, the results were striking. A full 81% of Americans support banning abortion after the first trimester of pregnancy. Even among those who identify themselves as “pro-choice,” two-thirds oppose second and third trimester abortions to […]

Special Report: 2015 Abortion Clinic Survey Reveals 81% of Abortion Clinics Closed Since 1991

A Special Report from Operation Rescue by Cheryl Sullenger Washington, DC — The total number abortion clinics in America continues to decline, following a nationwide trend extending back to 1991. In 2015, abortion clinics closed at a rate of more than one per week with 53 abortion clinics shutting down or halting all abortion services. […]

California Study Substituted Propaganda for Science in Declaring Non-Physician Abortions Safe

An Operation Rescue Special Report By Cheryl Sullenger San Francisco, CA — A study that was the basis for a new California law, which allows minimally-trained nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and physician’s assistants to conduct surgical aspiration abortions, grossly misrepresented the safety of the surgical abortions done by non-physicians. The 2013 study titled “Safety of […]

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