Tiller facing 19 years in jail; Christians will pray during criminal arraignment on Tuesday

Wichita, KS — The nation’s most notorious late-term abortion mill is currently turning away all patients. Women’s Health Care Services, operated by abortionist George R. Tiller of Wichita, Kansas, is closed this week and will not accept appointments for next week, when Tiller is scheduled to be arraigned on 19 criminal counts of committing illegal abortions without obtaining the signature of a doctor who was not financially or legally affiliated with him. Women’s Health Care Services is referring patients to abortionists in Kansas City and Oklahoma.
“We are rejoicing that for two straight weeks, Wichita, Kansas, the nation’s abortion capital, will be abortion free for the first time since abortions began here. Even during the 1991 Summer of Mercy, Tiller was not closed that long,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We pray that abortions will never resume.”
Tiller’s clinic was also was closed to abortion patients the first week in July. Last month over 500 people prayed for its closure during the Wichita Awakening event hosted by Operation Rescue. It is unclear when and if abortions will resume.
Operation Rescue moved its corporate office to Wichita in 2002, and has since relentlessly exposed wrongdoing at Tiller’s mill.
“Because of public pressure brought by Operation Rescue, over a dozen clinic workers have quit their jobs with Tiller and dozens of companies will no long do business with him,” said Newman. “We have exposed numerous botched abortions that have landed women in the hospital, uncovered an abortion death, and exposed his illegal business relationship with abortionist Kristin Neuhaus, for which he is now facing criminal charges. God has blessed our work and honored our prayers by giving us a respite from the killing.”
Tiller was charged on June 28 with 19 counts of committing illegal abortions without obtaining the signature of a doctor who was financially or legally affiliated with him. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday, August 7, 2007, at 9:30 AM. Operation Rescue is encouraging Christians to gather outside the Sedgwick County Courthouse and pray during the arraignment time.
Prayer Vigil Information:

When: Tuesday, August 7, 2007, beginning at 9:00 AM
Where: Outside the Sedgwick County Courthouse at the corner of Central and Main.
Why: Pray for justice during Tiller’s criminal arraignment, and a permanent end to Tiller’s abortion business

“Prayer is especially important at this critical time,” said Newman. “We cannot hope to see justice without the favor of our Righteous God.”