Washington, DC – Fox News has reported that the White House issued the threat to Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) to put Offutt Air Force base, home of Strategic Air Command, on a closure list if he did not support the Senate health care bill, which includes taxpayer funded abortions. Fox News indicated that three independent sources confirmed the veracity of the threat.
“It is despicable that Obama would rather see thousands hard-working Nebraskans who work at Offutt in the unemployment line than see Nebraska’s late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart and his ilk there for lack of government bail-out funds,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“National Security, the financial stability of Nebraska, and thousands of hardworking Americans that depend on Offutt for jobs all take a back seat to the promotion of Obama’s radical abortion agenda. That is playing politics with the lives of innocent people and placing his personal ideology above the good of the country. It could very well be treasonous.”
Sen. Nelson is the lone Democratic hold-out on the Senate health care bill. His vote is the crucial sixtieth vote to evoke cloture and end the debate on the controversial health care bill that Obama desperately wants passed before the end of the year. Once cloture is evoked, the debate on the bill ends and a simple majority vote is all that is required for the legislation to pass.
“A vote for cloture is a vote for abortion,” said Newman. “Sen. Nelson is well aware of this and has made it clear that the voice of his constituency and his conscience preclude him from voting for cloture on health care legislation that includes tax funding of abortion. So far he is standing strong and making it known that his vote is not for sale.”
Obama’s health care plan is all about promoting and paying for abortion. Abortionist Carhart was an invited guest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a Washington, D.C. rally supporting health care, including federally mandated abortion funding. Obama promised abortion giant Planned Parenthood that abortion would be at the centerpiece of his health care plan.
Operation Rescue encourages Americans everywhere to contact Sen. Ben Nelson and give him encouragement that he is doing the right thing by not giving in to extortion methods that would force him to change is vote on abortion funding.
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