Wichita, KS — Today, for the second time in as many days, an ambulance was summoned to Women’s Health Care Services, the late-term abortion mill owned by the notorious George R. Tiller. In both cases, the ambulance arrived at the abortion mill, stayed for a few minutes, and left empty. Pro-lifers were told that the ambulance runs were “precautionary,” but this explanation only raises questions about the safety of the clinic.
“Tiller apparently has someone with high risk factors at the mill this week,” noted sidewalk counselor Brenna Sullenger. “It makes me mad how reckless he is. He obviously cannot insure the safety of his patients, so he should not be doing the abortions. No other reputable doctor would have an ambulance wait in the parking lot just in case he slipped up. This is outrageous conduct.”
This is not the first time Tiller has had ambulances stand by in case life-threatening complications developed. On May 11, 2005, Tiller requested an ambulance to stand by in the abortion mill parking lot for over an hour, but indicated to 911 dispatchers that the ambulance may not be needed. That day, the ambulance’s services were indeed required when a young woman with high risk factors was rushed to the Emergency Room at Via Christi/ St. Joseph Hospital.
“Obviously Tiller’s mill is ill-equipped to handle the life-threatening complications that frequently arise from dangerous late-term abortions,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “One can only wonder how many women must be maimed or killed, as one of his young patients was in January, before something is done to stop this. Tiller’s mill has become nothing more than a slipshod abortion chop shop with more hazards than a back-alley abortion mill. It should be closed in the interest of public safety.”
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