Topeka, KS – New Kansas Attorney General Stephen Six filed a motion with the State Supreme Court late Friday asking it to quash a subpoena for 60 abortion records issued by a citizen-called grand jury investigating late-term abortionist George R. Tiller.
“This is an overt attempt by Six to deny evidence to a legally convened grand jury, and an effort to protect an abortionist from further prosecution. Six is acting more like a member of Tiller’s criminal defense team, than the state’s chief law enforcement officer. This action has earned him the status of an ‘abortion collaborator,'”* said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman who helped with efforts to convene the grand jury and testified before it.
In what is being construed as a stealth effort to undermine the grand jury, Six filed his motion at the eleventh hour on the Friday before a three-day holiday weekend while the media was focused on a hearing held in another abortion investigation involving Planned Parenthood in another county. All this occurred the day after the Associated Press published an article indicating that Six would be taking a low profile as Attorney General.
“There is no doubt that Six used the attention on the Planned Parenthood hearing, the AP article, and the holiday weekend as smokescreens to conceal his efforts to derail the grand jury subpoena,” said Newman. “This leads us to believe that Six is as corrupt as disgraced former Attorney General Paul Morrison.”
Morrison resigned last month after news broke of his illicit sexual affair with an employee and his attempts to use that relationship to illegally influence ongoing criminal cases against both Tiller and Planned Parenthood.
The Kansas Supreme Court earlier stayed three grand jury subpoenas for 2,000 late-term abortion records in Tiller’s custody. Those subpoenas specifically requested that all patient identifying information be redacted before the records were produced. The Court has yet to rule if the grand jury will have access to those records.
“Six is attempting to play the tired old ‘privacy’ card to justify his non-compliance with the subpoenas. The 60 abortion records that are requested from Six have already had all identifying information redacted, making privacy a non-issue,” said Newman. “Comparing the records in Six’s custody with the records in Tiller’s custody are like comparing apples and oranges.”
(* “Abortion Collaborator” is a term first coined by Operation Rescue to discribe those who protect or benefit from abortion politics and/or blood money.)