Mug Shots Released After Gosnell, Co-Defendants Arraigned on Murder Charges

Philadelphia, PA — Late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell and eight of his co-defendants were arraigned yesterday for the murders of one abortion patient and seven new born babies along with a host of other charges. Below are their mug shots and a summary of their charges.

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  • To view graphic photos of the murder victims, click here.
  • KERMIT GOSNELL, 69, Bail Amount: No Bail. Gosnell is considered the man in charge with the most culpability. He is charged with 39 counts including 3rd degree Murder in the death of Karnamaya Mongar, 7 counts of Murder for killing seven living infants after birth, Abuse of Corpse, Tampering with Evidence, Corruption, Conspiracy, Obstruction, Racketeering, and Solicitation for Murder (Baby G), and more.

    ADRIENNE MOTON, 33, Bail Amount: No Bail. Moton is an unlicensed worker with no medical background. She administered anesthesia and committed other illegal acts, including “snipping” a procedure where live newborn infants were murdered by cutting their spinal cords with scissors. She is charged with Murder (Baby D), 2 counts of Conspiracy to murder, Racketeering, and Conspiracy related to corruption.

    LYNDA WILLIAMS, 42, Bail Amount: No Bail. Williams is an unlicensed worker who committed illegal abortions, administered anesthesia, and committed other illegal acts. She is charged with 3rd degree Murder in the death of Karnamaya Mongar, Murder (drug delivery), 2 counts of violating the Controlled Substances Act, Murder (Baby C), 2 Counts of Conspiracy to murder, Illegal late-term abortions, Conspiracy related to illegal abortions, Racketeering, and Conspiracy related to corruption.

    STEVEN MASSOF, 48, Bail Amount: No Bail. Massof was an unlicensed medical school graduate who worked as an abortionist at Gosnell’s clinic. He is charged with Murder (Baby F and Baby G), Conspiracy to murder, violations of the Controlled Substances Act, Theft by deception, Racketeering, and conspiracy related to corruption.

    SHERRY WEST, 51, Bail Amount: $2 million. West was an unlicensed worker. She committed illegal abortions, administered anesthesia, and dispensed drugs illegally. She is charged with: 3rd degree Murder in the death of Karnamaya Mongar, 2 counts of violating the Controlled Substances Act, 5 counts of Conspiracy (related to murder, illegal drugs, and corruption), Murder (Baby C.), Illegal Abortions, and 1 count Racketeering.

    PEARL GOSNELL, 49, Bail Amount: $1 million. Gosnell is the wife of abortionist Kermit Gosnell who worked frequently at his clinic, especially on days that illegal and very late abortions were done that her husband did not want the other workers to witness. She is charged with Illegal late-term abortions, and two counts of conspiracy related to illegal abortions and corruption.

    EILEEN O’NEILL, 54, Bail Amount: $1 million. O’Neill is a medical school graduate but had no license or certification. She masqueraded as a licensed physician. She is charged with 9 counts of theft by Deception, Conspiracy to commit theft, Racketeering, Conspiracy related to corruption, Perjury, and False Swearing.

    ELIZABETH HAMPTON, 51, Bail Amount: $250,000. Hampton is Gosnell’s sister-in-law. She is charged with Obstruction, Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution, Perjury, and False Swearing.

    MADDLINE JOE, 53, Bail Amount: $250,000. Joe worked as the office manager for Gosnell’s mill. She is charged with one count of conspiracy related to corruption.

    TINA BALDWIN, 45, Bail Amount: $150,000. Baldwin was an unlicensed worker. She illegally administered anesthesia and performed other medical duties that it was illegal for her to do. She is charged with racketeering, conspiracy, and corruption of a minor for allowing her 15 year old daughter to work as a staff member at Gosnell’s mill. Of this the grand jury report said, “She was required to work 50-hour weeks, starting after school until past midnight, during which she was exposed to the full horrors of Gosnell’s practice. Bad enough that he expected grown-ups to do it.”

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    • Trisha

      Any comment NAF (National Abortion Federation)?

    • Kristen

      My heart is broken, i can not comprehend how they have no value for life. i hope they gat the longest sentence possible, all of them. i hope they sincerely seek forgiveness to the one who gave them life

    • jess

      i am a strong advocate for a womans right to choose, but what these people did is just revolting and evil. i hope they get everything they deserve. no value for any life is obvious.

    • I can confidently say that while those shown here are certainly guilty – I have read nearly all 281 pages of the Grand Jury report – no one should forget the MANY BUREAUCRATS who allowed these creatures to continue committing their crimes.

      The Grand Jury was, thankfully, strong in their condemnation of both the Penn Departments of Health and State for seemingly ‘missing’ the dirty-doings for DECADES. I hope all those gummint-types, whether current or former, will face criminal charges as well.

    • Sue

      Horrific, I am sick to my stomach, words do not do justice to THE HORROR OF these deeds. Also a woman’s so called right to have a choice(A CHOICE TO DO WHAT??!!!), should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE DEATH OR KILLING OF ANY HUMAN BEING, in the womb of his/her mother or a frail elderly person, NEVER!!!!! EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIVE,WITH DIGNITY, EVERYONE.

      Sue from Victoria, Australia

    • Alice Kemmer

      I have never in life seen such evil! This is pure murder and to have a Dr. joke about how big a child is in the trash that he just murdered is pure evil. This is really sad that we can all see this and tell everyone how bad it is and not make a change. How do you make a change? You vote for life in the upcoming election for President. You donate your time and money to Operation Rescue or Right to Life to fight these evils. We need to pray to the good Lord above to give all people to grace to change their hearts. These people are wrong and they don’t think it’s a crime because they don’t see the crime. They are blinded by the money, the law, and who is going to say no when you don’t have money to pay the bills. It’s WRONG WRONG and MURDER and I would starve before I did this. But we must act in ANY way we can to change the world and peoples hearts to see how wrong this is. Please select the right vote in November VOTE FOR LIFE. Taxes will always go up and down, BUT LIFE IS LOST FOREVER.

    • SG

      I mean just look at the faces of these people. Come on. Most look like they had a hard hard hard knock life. Now I try not to judge a book by its cover and keep the “mugshot” image at bay, but, come on, I simply cannot. NOTHING about the majority of these peoples FACES shreeks “trust me” or “care”. Nothing.

      Just vile disgusting pieces of shit disguised as humans.

    • Linda

      what an awful group of souless inhumane things. And the mother who allowed her young daughter to be exposed to this, there is a special place in hell for her


    • God have Mercy on us all. Jesus said “He(she) who is without sin, let them be the 1st to throw a stone, and all left the woman alone, starting with the eldest.” How have we come to this Lord, You know what else we are guilty of as a Nation. If it was not for Your Great Mercy, we would all be gone before now.

      Peace can only be found by repentence. Lent being the perfect time to bring our Nation to it’s knees.

      I believe 40 Days for Life to be a powerful reason why God allowed this discovery. Let all join in protecting one another, as Pope Francis exhorts us, it is our duty.

      Peace and Joy be with us all beyond what we have done.

    • I feel that J. Angele’s idea on turning to God is most appropriate. How anyone that can perfom such an atrocity deserves a strong lesson in repentance, a lesson far more strict than the lessons He chastens His own children with. Many prayers alone won’t suffice; we must unceasingly call on God with true communion in the Holy Spirit. I now know who to pray for:
      justice upon the afflictor, mercy for the victim, and an end to all world sufferings.

    • Samuel

      Pro-abortion and feminist for-public-consumption rhetoric for the practice of baby-killing falls flat in the face of these facts. It is time to see the crime, and punish it accordingly.

      As for Christians, it is time to quit shoving this to the back of the mind and pretending “there is nothing we can do” or that it is “a political issue.” This is a satanic practice; let us grieve for the demonic oppression of humanity, and pray and cry out to God until His Spirit shows us an action we can take before we leave the prayer closet. If you do not believe your prayers can change this thing … we’ve just pinpointed the real problem. This IS spiritual warfare.

    • Dean Sorensen

      Who you’re with is who you are.
      Stay away from the Devil.
      Simple rules.

    • I am so sick at my stomach reading the evil that these people perpetrated that I can hardly breathe. For all of those precious babies I weep. There will be a special place in the deepest caverns of hell for the murderers and the dear children will stand before all of Heaven!

    • Kathy Brown

      ‘For the fight is not against earthly kings and princes, nor against worldly armies and men. Instead, the fight is against principalities and demons’.

      Christ has told us, ahead of time, what we are dealing with. I am moved beyond words at the beautiful things written here, including the horror. What is there to have but horror, to see such a …specimen as Gosnell and his staff of demons. For indeed he is the servant of Satan, right up there with Obama who ‘championed’ endless, endless abortion, and then letting the tiny innocents die in agony, wet, cold and alone, if they had the temerity to be born alive. God convert these lost souls, and God preserve these innocents!

    • Tyrone Nunnely

      Today April 8, 2013, I drove 165 miles to the courtroom of the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell at 1300 Filbert Street in Philadelphia, PA., my hometown. I saw the alleged murderer smile as his former employer Ms. Sherry West explained the most vile, despicable, inhuman “procedures” relating to the killing of the Gift from God – a baby. He consistently smiled as these horrible comments were shared with the world. I have so much to write about this trip and my wife and are going back later this week prepared to spend the entire day in the belly of the beast.

      Finally, I am ashamed at the African American community America-wide for their lack of interest to the plight of the most vulnerable among us – our babies! I know because I am an American who happens to be black.

      May all of those innocent Gifts from God be in His holy presence for eternity.

    • Anne

      Well where is our President? The First Lady? All of the politicians who came out enmass to ban guns after the Newton Tragedy? Here we have the torture and intentional murder of infants, the butchering and death of women, the complete disregard for the medical safety of women and chidlren and nothing but deafening silence. When will we stop this heinous exploitation of women and murderous rampage on their children… when will we ban abortion?? Answer me that, Mr. President!

    • angie

      Does anyone know if any of the women (who willingly went into these mills knowing that they were way past the time for “legal abortion” ) are gong to have any consequence? They paid this animal to rid them of their burden. They had 8 months to feel these babies grow and move and instead of doing something within the first month or two they waited and then had him kill their children. Isn’t this the same as hiring a hit man to kill someone for you?

    • Kathy Brown

      Angie, you’re so right. Women are one of the ‘politically correct’ groups who NEVER have any responsibility for anything they do including-as Bl. Mother Teresa has said-‘killing their own child. If a mother can kill her child, what is there left of any worse evil?’.

      Answer: None.

      I am a post-abortive woman and by the grace and mercy of God, am forgiven. But I will never, while I draw breath, cease to know/fear the deception of Satan-disguised as the ‘Womens’ Movement’-who ‘convinced’ me that it was ‘my body’, ‘my right’. I felt love and protectiveness for my baby, yet still I killed him/her…

      This is the ugly truth.

      Monsters like Gosnell have NO TAKERS when we women-endowed by God with the power of being the first line of defense for our babies-claim that astonishing privilege. Or, I should say, ‘reclaim’.

    • Maria

      I can’t even read all of what is being exposed. Satan is operating in and through these people. I am horrified. This is evil just goes on and on. Lord have mercy. Eternal Father I offer you the body blood soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

    • john vincellI


    • Hugh Beaumont

      Yes, of course a woman should have a “right to choose”; but the choice to have a child or not must be made before sex – not after. Abortion is killing a human being. If you don’t want children – don’t play with life and death. Make the choice beforehand. If you can’t control yourself, then you’re not really capable of making a choice, are you?

    • Tricia Scott

      Isnt is WONDERFULLE that we all live in a country where we are FREE to speak our minds on forums like this, as to our PERSONAL feelings, opinions, morals, and beleifs!?! Isnt it also just as AMAZING that majority of all our HIGHER POWERS (no matter who or what we pray to) judge us on our own actions, and not that of our neighbors!?! What I believe, I beleive is no ones business walking this earth, we are all human and with sin. Those of us that beleive in degrees of sins, again YOUR belief, and this I RESPECT! Those of us without SIN, please respond to this comment, as how you have survived on this earth sinless may be interesting to hear! LOL!! I have fallen short and sought forgiveness many times, for many reasons. Despite the warnings, scripture and human! And I am still forgiven, ISNT THIS AWESOME? I do not judge! I will not judge! -mine is not to!! I am just so THANKFULLE that ALL rights exists, and there are people who respect ALL rights whether they agree or not. As with EVERYTHING in life, IF it is not for you, then please DONT do!! -but please do not block my path because you dont agree! I promise not to block your pursuit to happiness, and I PRAY you do the same for me. AGAIN, what makes you happy, may very well make me sad, but this is MY life and ONLY I will answer for it when it is over and ONLY I will pay legally if I infract the laws of this land and people. There is evil, everywhere, this is also a choice that can be made. No matter how strange, pathetic, and or useless you and I consider evil, it is obviously still the choices many chose to make. Now, LAWS and JUSTICE, that is a whole ‘nother issue, Ugggghhh!!

    • me

      Did this clinic get Federal funding?

    • me

      What was ‘Penn Departments of Health and State’ role/laws during the time the clinic was operating? Were they supposed to inspect the clinic? get reports from the clinic as to how many aborts were taking place, etc?

    • me

      Who pays the hospital and medical bills of a patient when her abortion is botched and an ambulance is called to take her to the hospital? Also, Is this not considered a crime that the patient is abused?

    • Rob

      Has anyone prayed for these people? The best way to stop this awful mess is to change hearts. I am praying for these people as my heart cries for those aborted children and their mothers. {Psalm 7:9}

    • Southern Oregonian

      Thank you Kathy for your strong testimony.

    • muslimmustgo

      Why were’nt the satanic gosnell and his demonic cronies executed?!! Nobody in our nation deserved it more!