Shocker: Gosnell Judge Dismissed 3 Murder Charges, Five Remain

Philadelphia, PA – Judge Jeffery P. Minehart dismissed three of the eight murder charges against Kermit Gosnell this morning, leaving five counts that will eventually go to the jury. The three dismissed first degree murder counts dismissed today relate to the accused murder of three newborn babies, birthed during late-term abortions only to have their spinal cords severed.

Operation Rescue has been in the courtroom reporting on the trial.

“I am shocked that these counts have been dismissed. I have heard testimony by very credible witnesses to the effect that these babies were murdered in cold blood by Gosnell as they cried and struggled for life. We pray that justice will be done in the remaining five victims of Gosnell’s horrific slayings,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue, who has observed the trial and published first-hand accounts of the proceedings.

The remaining charges are related to the death of four newborns and one patient, Karnamaya Mongar, who died from a drug overdose during a second trimester abortion by Gosnell.

Testimony from the medical examiner and toxicologist has indicated that there was no evidence the babies were injected with Digoxin to ensure the babies were dead prior to the abortion, as the defense has claimed.

The medical examiner testified that tests were inconclusive as proof that the babies were born alive. However, the tests also did not prove the babies were dead prior to birth. Those inconclusive test results were overshadowed by the weight of testimony from witness after witness, who detailed how the babies were in fact living prior to being murdered through what one witness described as a “virtual beheading.”

“If Gosnell gets off scot-free, that will send a message that murdering live babies and abortion patients is now acceptable behavior in America and that abortionists who engage in such depraved practices are above the law. This would put women and babies in grave danger – more than they already face — at abortion clinic throughout the nation,” said Sullenger.

Sullenger is set to return to the courtroom on Monday to hear and report on the remainder of the defense case.

  • Mrs Dianne Kirkwood

    This is just sick. So, I must reason, then, if the judge rules that killing a newborn is not murder, then all newborns are at risk? Anyone can kill a new born and not be a murderer? I sure hope this is judgement is appealed, this is appalling.

  • Flint Morlan

    That is NOT what the judge ruled. No you can not kill a newborn. He ruled that the prosecution failed to prove the elements (components) of those particular counts. There are still several serious charges left, which he did not dismiss. But the dismissal of the counts that are now gone can not be appealed.

  • J W

    As a Christian Prophet,which none of you need believe, I have good and bad news.God is soon going to intervene and deliver this Nation from the hand of the wicked.He simply said he would shake this Nation till He has broken the staff of the wicked.The end of abortion and other abominations brought on us mostly by the left is guaranteed.The sad news is that this Nation is going to face a judgment of biblical proportions.Millions are going to die before this coming war between the wicked and God. is over. The Lord has told me the first two catastrophes He has appointed. NYC will be destroyed by an Atomic Bomb. Later,a massive earthquake will reap great destruction in the Mid-West along the new Madrid Fault line.He did tell me there would be a dirge throughout the land after New York is gone.There will probably be more judgments since this Nation is very wicked.,but that is all I know at the present.He is going to shake you America.You are going to be shook in the cities. You are going to be shook in the Countryside.He is going to shake everything that can be shook in this Nation.Woe be to the wicked. Better for you not to have been born.I was not given the timetable,but it is not far off.

  • cary bogue

    Let’s remember the judge is a pro-choice democrat who dismissed all the pro-life jurors. Eliminating pro-life people from the jury pool was not only biased but criminally one-sided. This could turn out badly for the babies and mother who deserve accountability and justice as a result of this trial.