Prosecution Reconstructs Abortion Room in Court for Gosnell Murder Trial

By Cheryl Sullenger

Philadelphia, PA – A macabre drama is unfolding in a Philadelphia court room as testimony is now underway in one of the most horrific serial killer cases in U.S. history. On trial for eight counts of murder and a host of other criminal charges is late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who is accused of birthing viable late-term babies alive, then snipping their spinal cords with scissors amidst appallingly squalid conditions.

Since Judge Jeffrey P. Minehart ruled that prosecutors could not take the jury to see the squalor that has been preserved at Gosnell’s West Philadelphia abortion clinic, prosecutors have set up a replica of one of Gosnell’s procedure rooms complete with rusty, aging obstetrical equipment.

It was in the midst of that abortion room mock-up that, the first employee to testify tearfully explained to the jury how she cut the backs of the necks of at least ten live newborn babies then murdered them by snipping their spinal cords.

Adrienne Moton, 35, was a medical assistant who has been charged with the reduced crime of third degree murder in exchange for her testimony against Gosnell. She told the court that she moved in with the Gosnell and his third wife, Pearl, while still in high school due to “family problems” and eventually ended up working at his clinic, earning ten dollars an hour under the table. At the clinic, without proper training, she would administer drugs, perform ultrasounds, assist with abortion procedures, and dispose of the aborted baby remains.

Baby A

Moton also testified that she took photos of one particularly large baby, referred to by prosecutors as “Baby A,” with her cell phone that was estimated to be about 30-weeks gestation. Baby A had been delivered alive into a toilet where Moton said she cut the baby’s throat. Gosnell later joked that the baby was so large he could have walked to the bus stop.

News reports indicated that one female juror covered her mouth in horror as the photo of Baby A was displayed on the screen in the courtroom.

Baby’s mother testifies

After Moton’s emotional testimony, the mother of that baby, Shayquana Abrams, 21, of Chester, took the stand. She said that Gosnell began her abortion in Delaware then had her report to his Pennsylvania clinic to finish what he told her was a 24-week abortion, even though she was closer to 30 weeks into her pregnancy. Her aunt paid Gosnell $2,750 in cash for the abortion. Abrams said she was so drugged that she has no memory of the actual abortion, which took place when she was only 17. Afterwards, her health began to deteriorate.

She suffered severe pain, heavy bleeding, nausea, vomiting, and the inability to walk, and was hospitalized for two weeks with a blood clot to the heart and a grapefruit-sized abscess on her right side. She still suffers ill effects of the abortion today, including fatigue, stress, headaches, and health issues.

“Ms. Abram’s story is indicative of experiences of women seeking abortions all over the country. They are given shoddy abortions with the help of unqualified workers and are not always told the truth about the gestational age of their pro-born babies,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “Then when they suffer complications, these women are on their own. Unfortunately, we have heard this story all too many times. Such substandard practices are epidemic at abortion clinic across America. We shudder to think of the abuses that continue at abortion clinics that just have not yet been caught.”

Defense plays race card

The defense is disputing that that any of the abortions took place beyond the 24 week limit in Pennsylvania or that any of the babies were born alive. Gosnell’s attorney, Jack McMahon, attempted to convince jurors that the babies were injected with digoxin, a drug that causes the pre-born baby to go into cardiac arrest, never survive the injections.

However, the Grand Jury report indicated that the medical examiner found no indication that the fetuses had been injected with Digoxin and the drug did not show up in the toxicology screens.

“Gosnell was not skillful enough to successfully administer digoxin, late-term babies continued to be born alive, and he continued to kill them by slitting their necks,” stated the report.

Also deeply disturbing is the defense’s primary arguments that the prosecution is “elitist and racist” and amounts to “a prosecutorial lynching” because Gosnell is Black and operated an urban abortion clinic that served poor women. This desperate attempt to manufacture racial motives for the prosecution rings hollow in light of the fact that the District Attorney, Seth Williams, who brought the charges against Gosnell, is also Black.

A squalid defense

McMahon showed a particular insensitivity to women who were subjected to substandard abortions on rusty, bloodstained tables at Gosnell’s nasty mill where venereal diseases were spread through the reuse of dirty surgical instruments and the stench of cat urine and decomposing baby remains permeated the air.

“If you want Mayo Clinic standards, then you go to the Mayo Clinic,” he told the jury during opening arguments.

“Apparently Mr. McMahon doesn’t think that poor urban women are deserving of anything better than the dangerous practices and filthy conditions supplied by Gosnell,” said Newman. “His statement about clinic standards is grossly offensive. Even veterinarian clinics have to comply with basic health standards. It is appalling to think that anyone could make the argument that the dogs are deserving of better safety standards than women seeking abortions, no matter how misguided those actions might be.”

Operation Rescue will provide regular updates on the Gosnell murder trial from its unique perspective and has plans to attend the trial the week of April 1st, during which we will publish first-hand accounts of the proceedings. Additional grisly testimony is expected from nearly all Gosnell’s eight employees who were arrested and charged with him over the course of the six to eight week trial.

“This is an historic moment where the inner workings of an abortion clinic are being laid bare before the world. While every abortion clinic may not duplicate the full scope of Gosnell’s ‘house of horrors,’ nearly every one shares at least some of the characteristics of this revolting abortion operation,” said Newman. “This is a rare opportunity to expose the public to the dirty practices that typify abortion in America today.”

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  • Millie

    this makes me sick! It is unbelieveable how people can get abortions and kill their innocent children in the first place… but for a doctor or so called doctor to do that and sit their throats or cut their spinal chords… are you kidding me that is torture beyond any understanding!!! he should have that done to him

  • This is so sick and demonic and yet tax payers’ money fund this mess! We deserve every bit of God’s judgement when it happens. Straight murder to the 1st degree….not Pro-choice. sick bastard….Jesus is the answer!!!

  • Ellis

    Murder is murder no matter how it is done or where the baby is. Killing the baby with drugs so it has a heart attack just before it is born is still murder. Ask anyone who has lived through a heart attack what it felt like. What has happened to our minds? Have we lost all “common sense”?

  • Mary A. Bell

    I have read that after the fall of the Hitler regime, a number of German civilians were made to walk through the concentration camps. If they had been unaware or pretended to be unaware of the truth about the holocaust, they were then awakened. I hope that somehow, this Gosnell trial will awaken millions of Americans to the true conditions and the destruction of life in so many abortion centers across the nation. Unfortunately, the proabortion mainstream press and media have been major obstacles to people’s knowing the truth.

  • Samuel

    Whether or not the “babies came out alive” is really irrelevant. The babies were living babies – in the sanctuary of their mother’s wombs, no less – and if they came out dead, this is horrifying as well. Think of it from the perspective of the living child, peacefully secure, who is then murderously assaulted, perhaps awakened from sweet sleep to the feel of cold metal, and then the pain…

  • Stephanie

    This is so sad and absolutely appalling. Those poor babies..

  • Moi

    Unfortunately, those who support abortion rights just brush this off as an isolated incident. And they only really care about the woman. They lift their noses and say, “NO WAY! I would NEVER support Gosnell and his evil practices!!!” As long as babies die in utero they’re fine with it. It’s only barbaric to them because they have to see it. They inhale a breath of horror and exhale narcissism. Such hypocrisy.

  • Susan

    I would have adopted ” Baby A”.

  • Fifi

    As hard as this is to read this and see this evil, I’m sending it to everyone.
    Like what Fr. Frank Pavone said, “America’s not going to get rid of abortion, until
    America sees abortion”. We need someone who’s top priority is end this
    holocaust, above all else! God Bless all of you who fights this battle for the

  • ALC

    This man is very sick. He has no intentions to help women. His actions are obvious.

  • Natalie

    This is absolutely devastating..those poor INNOCENT babies. I do not understand nor will I ever understand women’s thought processes to go through with an abortion. Some would ask, “What about rape!?” Let me tell you something GOD does not make mistakes. Evil is dominant in this world and enters whatever way possible into your life. I have know people who have friends that were raped and beaten and gotten pregnant. Guess what they kept their babies!!! One raised her daughter and the other that I know of gave her son up for adoption. What a blessing for someone else to receive a child that cannot have any children. I sincerely hope and pray that GOD has mercy on your soul. I feel bad for you.

  • Doc Kimble

    Remember Nuremberg….those Nazi doctors almost walked on the charge of “Crimes Against Humanity.” Goering made the case that that charge had never been brought before a court before and therefore they couldn’t be charged with it. Gosnell could walk on this. Why do you think abortmills guard their records? Because they have the release forms. Abortion is a legal execution. The women have no rights once they sign that release form. The technically-a-doctor, really-an-executioner provides a service; to deliver a dead baby. Legally, those women have no rights once they sign that release form. This is the case that will “break on through to the other side.” ObamaCare is the Law of the Land now and it’ll be an uphill slog from here. The whole country is guilty as sin; we’ve all “signed the release form” now. Everything Hitler did was legal.

  • Blanca

    May God have mercy on those mothers who aborted, may their babies intercede for them. How could a mother forget an abortion?

  • Tony Hinrichs

    I am thinking how bad and cunning Satan is. I would first like to say that in 1971 I and my first wife, Sue, lived in the West Philadelphia sections called Mantua and East Powelton Village. And Mantua was and may still be very poor. I remember old men pushing shopping carts around gathering discarded pieces of wood such as scrap 2″ x 4″ boards to take home to burn in their old coal fired furnaces. One of the places we lived was on Fairmount Ave with the Pastor of the Church of the New Life. Our first daughter was born in Philadelphia. My wife and I divorced after I suffered a lot of disorientation, confusiuon and PTSD after being a victim of Police Brutality and was unable to get a job. My ex moved on with our 2 daughters and never gave me her new address. I moved back to Illinois and stayed in my parents’ basement and got a job. When my first daughter, Cher, was in 6th grade, she found my address and we started writing. She used a girl friend’s home address to receive letters from me at. She wrote me a letter saying she was pregnant and needed another $250 for an abortion. I sent a copy of her letter to Orange County, CA Child Protection Agency by Express Mail, after calling them. Then I got on a plane to CA to try to find her. I guess I was afraid of going directly to the parents of her girl friend and asking for their help. Instead, I went to the local Santa Ana, CA police and asked their help in finding my daughter. I did not know my ex-wife;’s address, but did know my ex-mother-in-law’s address. The police called her. She came into the station and claimed that I had written the letter/forged my daughter’s printing and denied that my daughter was pregnant or that anything was wrong at her daughter’s household. She even tried to get the police to take the letter from me and give it to her and have police arrest me. The Police accepted her story and told me they could or would do nothing more.
    I went to the court to file an Emergency Custody Order, but the clerk at the front counter would not accept it as I still did not have my ex-wife’s address for the sheriff’s deputy to serve the notice at. I called Child Protective Services again and I was told that they would look into the matter, but did not say when or if I would be notified. I found out later my daughter was not pregnant, but wrote to get my attention and that CPS did go to her grade school and interview her. Probably should have stayed in CA, instead of going back to IL, as my daughter did really have an abortion when she was a freshman in high schgool at the age of 14. And then had another one recently at 41 years old. I am thinking that part of the blame has to rest on the father and mother of girls/women who have abortions.

  • Anna

    Hey!! Where are all those pro-choice, pro-abortion supporters to express their comments and
    views on these facts presented here before us. What is everybody ???. quiet ? I see NO ONE
    comment form you. Does it say anything ? … your silence ?
    Yes,it has been well said above.It matters not if the baby is delivered alive or dead.The result
    and intention is the same. Dead,murder.Let’s start calling the action the right term. There is no
    CHOICE. There is only LIFE & DEATH. What do you choose ?

  • Judy

    Why was the girl that had the abortion not arrested? She knew she was 30 weeks.

  • Jessica

    because late term is legal in the US SICK AND SAD!!!!

  • Jessica

    the devil is happy

  • TimTimTom

    Dr. Gosne is NOT SICK. HE IS EVIL.
    We are rightly called upon to help the sick. We pray for deliverance from evil.
    There is no treatment to heal evil people, none.