Jury Deliberations Begin in “House of Horrors” Murder Case

By Cheryl Sullenger

Philadelphia, PA — After receiving final instructions from Judge Jeffery P. Minehart, a jury of seven women and five men began deliberations today in the Kermit Gosnell capital murder case. The jury retired for the day without having reached a verdict, and will continue deliberations on Wednesday.

Gosnell, 72, faces four first degree murder charges for the deaths if four babies that were born alive during late-term abortions at his West Philadelphia “House of Horrors” abortion clinic. He also faces one count of third degree murder in the death of 41-year old Karnamaya Mongar, who died after a drug overdose administered by Gosnell’s unqualified staff. Testimony indicated that Gosnell’s failure to take appropriate life-saving measures contributed to her death.

Gosnell also faces one count of Infanticide for the death of Baby A, 24 felony counts of violating the Abortion Control Act by doing abortions over 24 weeks, 226 counts of violating the Abortion Control Act’s 24-hour informed consent provisions, and a plethora of charges related to Conspiracy, Corrupt Organizations, and Racketeering.

Eileen O’Neill, a former unlicensed Gosnell employee who passed herself off as a licensed physician, was tried along with Gosnell, but on separate charges that included eight counts of Theft by Deception, and one Corrupt Organization charge.

The jury was told to consider O’Neill’s charges separately a from Gosnell’s case and not to hold evidence of crimes that Gosnell may have committed against her.

Judge Minehart told the jury that yesterday’s lengthy closing arguments were sometimes emotional, noting that Prosecutor Ed Cameron has asked Gosnell if he was human, while Defense Attorney Jack McMahon had accused the prosecutors of being racist. Minehart instructed the jury to disregard such emotional statements in their deliberations.

The jury instructions gave guidance on legal definations of terms, standards that must be met before a guilty verdict can be reached, and how to consider the testimony of accomplices who testified against Gosnell.

Minehart also instructed the jury that the viability of the babies Gosnell is accused of murdering by “snipping” their spinal cords with surgical scissors is not an issue in this case, but rather if the babies were alive when the stabbings took place.

McMahon claimed that none of the babies Gosnell is accused of murdering were alive when their spinal cords were severed because Digoxin that was administered prior to the abortion had already killed them.
However, he admitted that some babies were aborted by his client after the legal limit of 24 weeks, gestation. He also stipulated that over 200 abortion charts contained 24-hour consent forms that were signed on the same day that the abortions took place.

Prosecutors argued that there was testimony and evidence that no digoxin was present in the baby’s bodies, and none was found in Gosnell’s clinic by Crime Scene Unit Investigators. Prosecutors primarily relied on the testimony of witnesses who saw babies moving, breathing, and crying as proof of life.

If convicted on any of the first degree murder counts, Gosnell could face the death penalty. Jurors were instructed not to consider any possible consequences of their verdict, but to only focus on the charges at this time.

“If Gosnell is convicted, it will send shock waves through the abortion cartel where so many Gosnell-like practices are rampant. It will send a clear message that those who break the law can expect to be held accountable,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-life Nation. “On the other hand, if Gosnell is acquitted, it will be a signal to abortionists that they never have to worry about being caught because if Gosnell couldn’t be convicted, no one can. There will be no incentive to comply with the law or patient care standards. That will only serve to create a climate that will further endanger the lives of women and their babies and leave them, unprotected from exploitation and abuse.”



  • Mrs Dianne Kirkwood

    Lord God, please expose these atrocities for what they are and have your perfect will with all involved. May the laws of our land remain righteous and be upheld, for if these, the least of those of your precious little ones are counted as nothing, then I fear for our nation, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior. You are their Champion! And there are millions of them!

  • Louantha Kerr

    Just learned a bit of Eileen O’Neill’s history. Kinda bursts that “compassionate, caring, not involved in Gosnell’s dirty work bubble”!

    As news of physician Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” broke, some Baton Rouge residents might have noticed a familiar name in the headlines. When Gosnell was arrested and charged with eight counts of murder for performing live birth abortions, eight other suspects were also arrested, including one Eileen O’Neill.

    Formerly known as Eileen White, O’Neill had been a physician for the Delta Clinic in the 1990s, and garnered heavy scrutiny in the WAFB reports because she wasn’t a licensed physician – though she did go to medical school. She was dismissed from LSU’s med school in 1998, while she was performing abortions at the Delta Clinic. In the Gosnell case, O’Neill faces, among other charges, theft by deception for posing as a doctor.
    Chronological History of Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge

  • Nancy Whittaker

    The first House of Horrors is the US Supreme Court that legalized abortion 40 years ago with the Roe vs. Wade decision allowing abortion in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Doe vs. Bolton was the next decision which led to legalizing abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. Then you have partial-birth abortion. So what’s next??? This current situation we have: Gosnell House of Horrors! The level of disrespect for human life got worse and worse each time. At a time when we really need a good pro-life President, we get Obama, who got elected and re-elected by people who had a disregard for human life and for what is right and moral. The media does not want to touch Gosnell story because it’s about “abortion” they say. Well, it’s about not only abortion but MURDERING both babies and their mothers. We, as a society, need to come together and end this terrible tragedy of abortion. It turns men and women into monsters like Gosnell and all those that work for Planned Parenthood (PP knew of Gosnell actions, but PP CEO Cecile Richards (shame on her!!!) did nothing! Horrible things are happening to these babies behind closed doors. I personally don’t think there is ANY need for abortion, but a great need for adoption. Look at what kind of people are doing these terrible things to babies, abortionists. How do they live day to day with what they do? What ever happened to respect for human beings, and yes, the unborn are human beings the last time I checked, if you better check again if you think otherwise. The jury needs to look at the facts and ignore the media. Gosnell deserves the death penalty so he does not continue to murder so many babies and their mothers.

  • ruth

    Americans are always afraid of “terrorists” and in their alienation they do not realise that the REAL terrorists are the pro-choice politicians who promote abortion and allow thousands of innocent children to be killed daily plus the abortionists who actually do the killings. Abortion is killing THOUSANDS of Americans everyday and the American (mostly pro-choice) people just let it happen or even support it: it’s INSANE!

  • Jennifer

    I agree with everyone!!! I cannot understand how someone can live with themselves after the killing of the babies!!! It’s sad very sad. We somehow need to put a stop to this!!!

  • Linda

    The US Supreme Court declared it could not resolve the difficult question of when life begins – and on that basis of this unresolved question Roe v Wade and right to abortion was made law. Science has now made it clear that human life begins at conception so by declaring that unborn children are persons legally entitled to constitutional protection (the 14th Amendment to the Constitution), will rescue millions of unborn children from dying by abortion-on-demand.

  • sandra

    murderer! he and anyone who contributed to these deaths of mothers and babies. yes, the women who allowed these deaths of the innocents (babies) are bad too. they should be punished severely, now and thankfully GOD will punish them far worse than we can. we should not let them get away with it. if sentenced to prison knowing how so many hate child abusers and killers wonder how he and they will survive unless kept in solitary.

  • Carole Louthain

    The defense attorney (you have to ask yourself what kind of person he is to defend this) keeps saying that the babies weren’t alive when Gosnell cut their spinal cords. If they were dead, then why did he feel the need to sever their spinal cords. This trial has put the entire nation on trial and God will be the one to answer with judgement if this evil man and his cohorts go free. We have become an evil and bloodthiristy nation on so many levels, it makes me ill.

  • Doesn’t this remind you of the Hilter regrime? They killed babies and other humans and thought nothing of it. He does not have a mind or a heart. He is sicking and so is his so-called staffl. His wife is the same. Then to think no organizations wanted to interfere and now there are other clinics who are doing the same thing.