“Right To Life” chief sides with Planned Parenthood to condemn innocent babies to needless death

PIERRE, SD — As the eyes of the world are set to view tomorrow’s opening of a new movie detailing the riveting and heroic account of William Wilberforce and his fight to end the bloody slave trade, a South Dakota lawmaker fails to capture the lesson Wilberforce taught us.
The Senate State Affairs Committee voted to kill HB 1293, a bill that would have saved almost all abortion-bound children in South Dakota. Ironically the vote to kill the measure was led by a so-called pro-lifer.
Sen. Brock Greenfield, (R), chairman of South Dakota Right to Life, testified as an opponent to the newly crafted ban on abortion along side Planned Parenthood, which also opposed the bill.
Organizations with seemly conflicting agendas, National Right to Life and Planned Parenthood, teamed up to defeat the pro-life measure in South Dakota even though South Dakotans support this version of the bill by a margin of 3 to 1.
The movie “Amazing Grace,” set to open Friday in theaters across America, chronicles how real men of conviction lead society toward moral change. Wilberforce was a model Christian fighting for the rights of the oppressed who eventually succeeded in banning the slave trade in Great Britain. American legislatures would do well to imitate Wilberforce’s commitment and strategy.
“He’s no Wilberforce,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman of Sen. Greenfield. “Women and babies have been betrayed by the very person and organization that vowed to protect them.”
“God help us when those who have sworn to protect innocent babies’ give instead their support to those who have vowed to kill them. This is betrayal of the worst kind. I believe that Greenfield and South Dakota Right to Life have forfeited the right to be called pro-life.” Newman continued.
Operation Rescue asks the questions: If South Dakota Right to Life is working with Planned Parenthood to defeat a pro-life bill should they return every dollar back to their donors? Is South Dakota Right to Life guilty of fraud and misrepresentation by aligning with a pro-abortion Planned Parenthood?
Newman said, “Somebody give Brock Greenfield a ticket to see Amazing Grace. After the movie maybe he will be able to scrape the bottom of his soul for the moral courage to change his position.”
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