15 abortion reporting violations occurred in Shawnee County

Topeka, KS — Shawnee County District Attorney Robert Hecht could pursue the 15 counts of misdemeanor reporting violations related to illegal late-term abortions that had been filed and dismissed in Sedgwick County against abortionist George R. Tiller.
Sources tell Operation Rescue that Hecht is aware of the case and may be considering prosecuting Tiller in Shawnee County, since the allegedly illegal reports were filed in his jurisdiction. The possibility also exists that there could be felony charges against Tiller as well.
However, Hecht would not be able to prosecute Tiller for committing 15 illegal late-term abortions, the more serious of the charges, because the abortions took place in Sedgwick County.
A total of thirty criminal charges had been filed against Tiller in December by the Kansas Attorney General’s office but were immediately dismissed when Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston convinced Judge Paul Clark to toss out the case on jurisdictional grounds. The merits of the case against Tiller have never been challenged.
In fact, Shawnee County Judge Richard Anderson was one of two judges that ruled there is probable cause to believe that Tiller committed the crimes.
“Since a Shawnee County Judge has already ruled there is probable cause, it would be an easy thing for Hecht to re-file the 15 reporting charges up there,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The investigation has already been done and the evidence gathered. We pray Mr. Hecht will do the right thing move forward with charges against Tiller.”
The public is urged to contact Mr. Hecht and encourage him to seek justice against George Tiller for alleged reporting violations in his jurisdiction.
Contact: Robert D. Hecht, Shawnee County District Attorney
Phone: (785) 233-8200, Ext. 4250
Fax: (785) 291-4909
E-Mail: robert.hecht@co.shawnee.ks.us