Germantown, MD – For the third time this year, one of LeRoy Carhart’s abortion patients were rushed to Shady Grove Hospital (SGH) in Maryland for emergency treatment after a late-term abortion.
On Tuesday at 11:45 a.m., an ambulance arrived at Germantown Reproductive Health Services and loaded a women for transport to the SGH emergency room. Sources inform Operation Rescue that the women underwent emergency surgery at the hospital.
Video taken by a local pro-life activist showed a woman covered head-to-toe in a sheet and that neither Carhart nor any of his staff accompanied the injured woman from the clinic to the ambulance.
On July 9, 2013, another Carhart patient was transported to Shady Grove Hospital suffering from hemorrhaging, according to 911 records obtained by Operation Rescue which published a video showing Carhart escorting his injured patient to the ambulance.
But the most tragic incident occurred in February when 29-year old Jennifer Morbelli died after a 32-week abortion done by Carhart, who left town immediately completing the abortion and was unavailable to Morbelli as her condition worsened. Hours later, Morbelli was taken by her family to Shady Grove Hospital where she died. The Maryland Board of Physicians tragically refused to hold Carhart responsible for patient abandonment even though he has no hospital privileges and informed Morbelli to return only to the abortion clinic in the event of complications.
“We told everyone who would listen that if Carhart was not disciplined, he would injure or kill again. We take no pleasure in saying, ‘We told you so,’” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “The Maryland Board of Physicians is partially responsible for the most recent abortion injuries suffered by women who were left vulnerable by them to Carhart’s shoddy practices. Late-term abortions are too dangerous to take place in outpatient clinics such as Germantown Reproductive Health Services, especially when abortionists like Carhart are incapable of providing continuity of care in the event of increasingly frequent life-threatening complications.”
Germantown Reproductive Health Services’ post-abortion instruction forms that were modified after Morbelli’s death were obtained by Operation Rescue. The documents urge women suffering complications to contact the clinic first, even though minutes of delay can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Patients are told to go to the hospital emergency room only as a last resort. The instructions state:

If complications do develop, please call us first. Dr. Carhart has performed over 30,000 terminations of pregnancy in the past 15 years and finds that hospitalizations is rarely necessary to handle complications from an abortion. (Emphasis in original)

The Maryland Coalition for Life, which has partnered with Operation Rescue to expose abortion abuses, will hold a rally on Sunday, December 8 at 2pm outside Germantown Reproductive Health Services to mark 3 years since the arrival of Leroy Carhart in Maryland. The rally will memorialize the thousands of lives lost to abortion and celebrate the 125 lives that have been saved from abortion by Carhart over the past 3 years. The rally will be followed by a 1.2 mile prayer walk around the heart of Germantown.
For more information on the rally and a map of the walking route, gathering point, and where to park: