First in 2018: Ambulance Transports Woman from Famous Ohio Late-Term Abortion Facility

By Cheryl Sullenger

Dayton, OH – For the first time in 2018, pro-life activists in Dayton, Ohio, have reported that an ambulance arrived at the Women’s Med Center abortion facility in Dayton, Ohio, to transport a patient to the hospital.

The incident took place on Thursday, January 4, 2018, shortly before noon, and was photographed by multiple pro-life activists who shared their pictures with Operation Rescue.

“It is tragic that just four days into the New Year, we see yet another woman injured by abortion,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We are dedicated to praying and working toward the day when babies and their mothers are protected from the barbarity of abortion.”

The Women’s Med Center is a late-term abortion facility owned by the nationally-known abortionist Martin Haskell, who claims credit for having invented the now-outlawed “Partial Birth Abortion” procedure.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has been working since 2015 to close the Women’s Med Center for failing to provide an acceptable hospital transfer agreement. Neither Haskell nor any of his staff abortionists qualify for hospital privileges and sought a variance using a transfer agreement. That case continues to slowly wind its way through the courts.

In August 2016, the Women’s Med Center stirred controversy when it aborted a late-term pregnancy on a 31-year old woman who was so impaired by an overdose of street drugs that she could not give her consent. Despite the outcry against the forced abortion, no action was ever taken against the facility.

A recent undercover phone call made during an investigation into late-term abortion facilities by Abortion Free New Mexico and Priests for Life, revealed that the Women’s Med Center was willing to abort healthy babies through 21 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy. No medical reason was required.

However, the abortion facility’s website indicates they do conduct abortions for “fetal indication” upon referral. Abortions done when it is suspected that the baby is not perfect are known to be done throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

As for Thursday’s emergency, the condition of the woman is unknown at this time. Watch for follow up reports.

  • Beverly Moser Copeland

    it’s bad enough to abort your child when first conceived. I cannot imagine anyone or any doctor that would kill their child at 5 or 6 months in the womb.

  • Karen

    She couldnt just put it up for adoption….nooo she had to kill it! No pity for her at all.

  • Jennifer Loving

    I also look forward to the day women and children are no longer harmed or killed by abortion! Until then, there will be alot of prayer and and other forms of fighting!

  • GuardianFlame

    Evil is as Evil does. There is no caring about mother nor child, just caring about the $$$$$ that flow through their agency. And, if you do some research, you will find that most of these abortions are done by “technicians”, NOT doctors, so if any kind of wrong move happens, there is no registered Doctor to fix the boo boo — so TRIP TO THE HOSPITAL TO TRY TO SAVE THE MOTHER’S LIFE!.

    Come on now people. These slaughter dens are just that. Let’s not put anything ethical or moral around this. This is just plain evil and the horned ones work…and loves each and every victim he can get.

  • kim

    Vengeance does belong to our LORD. And if there is a perhaps “hatred” or at the least there is a seemingly negative feeling that the mother makes you feel to have “no pity for her at all”…..Maybe it will help you to know that once the woman realizes what she had chose to happen to what was inside of her; growing; her child; Then it should help you feel better to know that for the rest of her life there will be NO peace for the woman. She will fall into self hatred and self condemnation and sink into a depression that she will never pull herself out of without either a Miracle from God or some kind of professional mental health help and that’s not promising that her shattered life would be put back together in the least.((unless the LORD did do a Miracle would be the only Healing)) Maybe you’ll feel better knowing that the woman who killed her baby might even kill herself ((even if it happened 30 yrs ago))because she will never be able to live out the rest of her life in mere existence like a dead man walking…a waste of oxygen and space….And especially the shame of returning such a Beautiful Miracle Gift from the LORD Himself….how could she possibly face our FATHER after doing such an evil thing. Maybe this will help you know that there is no pity nor life after a woman chooses to do this and then its too late when the realization kicks in and breaks her….literally.