Wichita, Kansas – May 27, 2004 Operation Rescue West has learned that apostate minister George Gardner, 68, of the Unity Church of Wichita, has lung cancer, which has spread to his brain and lymph nodes. Gardner’s condition is regarded as very serious. He is currently in California seeking a holistic cure to his terminal illness. Gardner has previously survived two bouts with prostate cancer but chances for his cure this time are unfavorable.
George and TroyGardner gained national infamy in the employment of late-term abortionist George Tiller where he served as abortion mill chaplain. There, he provided spiritual covering for child-killing, in direct opposition to Biblical revelation, and baptized the broken remains of pre-born children killed at Tiller’s abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services, in Wichita, Kansas. Gardner has referred to his work at Tiller’s abortion mill as his “most profound” work ever.

As part of Operation Rescue West’s “Year of the Rebuke” campaign ORW has conducted evangelical outreaches at Gardner’s “church” and has pled with him on numerous occasions to abandon his heresies and turn to Jesus Christ alone for forgiveness and salvation. The “Year of the Rebuke” couples prayer with action — praying for a Holy and Just God to intervene in the affairs of men to stop child-killing, praying for clinic workers to disassociate with the abortion industry, and praying for the repentance and salvation of each one, all the while exposing their connections to abortion to their friends, family, neighbors, and community at large.
Gardner’s departure from WHCS is an answer to those prayers and is one of a recent flood of employees and businesses to abandon Tiller’s abortion enterprise in the past two months. Clinic manager Carrie Klaege left under pressure from ORW after repeated prayer walks in her neighborhood. At least two other employees have terminated their employment as well. One cab company has stopped delivering women to Tiller’s mill to kill their babies.
“We give God the Glory in these recent victories,” said ORW President Troy Newman. “We have prayed according to God’s will, that those associated with child-killing in any capacity will stop participating in the murders of innocent pre-born babies. And we are seeing answers to those prayers almost daily.”
More resembling a priest of Baal, than a Christian, Gardner has publicly defended the sin of abortion on numerous occasions and is a founder of the Wichita Chapter of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. In fact, Gardner considers himself a “Zen Buddist Hindu with Christian overtones.” He rejects the authority of the Bible and supports gay marriages.
Gardner fled to the Unity Church after being defrocked by College Hill United Methodist Church in 2002 due to an adulterous affair that led to Gardner’s own marriage ending in divorce.
“Although we find Gardner’s illness and suffering tragic, we see a sense of God’s justice being measured out in an ironic sort of way since Gardner has participated in the suffering of thousands of innocent children,” said Newman. “In the short time that Gardner has left before he stands before God to give an account for his wicked life, we encourage continued prayer for his repentance and salvation.”
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