Destruction raises questions of obstruction of justice in legal battle over child rape medical records.
WICHITA, KS — Hundreds of medical documents were shredded on Friday, September 2, 2005 at Women’s Health Care Services, the late-term abortion mill run by the notorious George R. Tiller. This occurred just days before oral arguments are to be heard by the Kansas Supreme Court on September 8 in the dispute between Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline and Tiller over Kline’s demand for medical records in his criminal investigations of child rape and possible illegal late term abortions.
Two large trucks from Security Shredding & Recycling, Inc., parked in the abortion mill parking lot while employees brought out box after box of what appeared to be medical records for shredding. When asked about the shredding, Tiller security guard Carl Sweeney flippantly replied, “Everybody’s got to clean house.”
The shredding took place just one day after Tiller’s abortion mill and Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri filed court papers accusing Kline of contempt of court for allegedly violating a gag order when giving interviews about the case. Kline insists that he has behaved appropriately and has not revealed any sensitive details about the case.

This is the second week that Tiller has been seen shredding documents. Last week, red bags marked “infectious waste” were dumped in the clinic’s dumpsters, in an apparent violation of medical waste disposal laws. Police were summoned and discovered that the bags contained “shredded documents.”
“We didn’t think much of it until Friday when the industrial shredders showed up,” said Karen Myers, who had reported the infectious waste incident to police.
“This is more than suspicious behavior on the part of Tiller. It is possible obstruction of justice. It leaves one to wonder what kind of nefarious activity Tiller is attempting to hide,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We demand that the state enjoin Tiller from further destruction of potentially incriminating documents pending a full investigation.”
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