Pro-Abortion politics are a thing of the past in Wichita, so go home if you are a friend of the abortion industry!
Wichita, KS — As the city of Wichita narrows the search for a new city manager, the nation’s foremost activist anti-abortion group, Operation Rescue West, has a message for the nominating committee: Friends of abortionist George Tiller need not apply!
Candidate Pat DiGiovanni was cut from the field under a cloud of pro-gay controversy. Take note, Pro-abortion candidates: You are not welcome in Wichita, either.
While former City Manager Chris Cherches was a pal of the notorious baby killer for many years, and even chummed with Tiller at his affluent, east-side church, the new candidates for City Manager are put on notice that abortion cronyism will not be tolerated. Wichita is known as the abortion Capital of the World, and pro-lifers have made it the frontline of the abortion battlefield.
“Chris Cherches represents one of the last in an era of pro-Tiller politicians. Clearly the winds of change are blowing and any new City Manager had better know well that pro-abortion politics in Wichita is a thing of the past. Only pro-life candidates need apply in this polarized community,”* said Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue West.
*Operation Rescue West recently conducted a major poll in Wichita that revealed an overwhelming majority of Wichitans, a whopping 69%, consider themselves staunchly pro-life and against Tiller’s late term abortion business.