Wichita, KS – The defense rested in the criminal trial of late-term abortionist George Tiller today. Judge Clark Owens sent the jury home for the day while attorneys for both sides worked in chambers to hammer out the jury instructions that will be presented to the panel of six tomorrow after closing arguments.
Concluding her testimony today was former Tiller attorney Rachel Pirner, whose demeanor under the questioning of Assistant Attorney General Barry Disney was argumentative, and at times obnoxious. Pirner did testify, however, that while the Kansas Board of Healing Arts issued a clarification on the second physician rule, indicating that the second physician had to be a “Kansas” physician, it never issued any ruling or clarification regarding the prohibition on their financial and legal affiliation.
Disney revealed that the Board has filed a “complaint” against Tiller alleging that Tiller had an improper affiliation with Neuhaus. Pirner denied knowledge of that action. She no longer represents Tiller.
After the jury was dismissed, Defense Attorney Lee Thompson made another request for dismissal of the case. Judge Owens indicated that he believed, on legal grounds, that this case must go to the jury on the legal theory that Tiller and Neuhaus were financially affiliated.
“We are calling on all men and women of faith to fervently pray for the next 30 hours that justice will be done,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Prayer vigils will be held this evening, Thursday, March 26, 2009, at Living Word Outreach, located at 3033 S. Hillside in Wichita. There will also be prayer beginning at 8 AM Friday morning at the Sedgwick County Courthouse.
Court resumes on Friday at 9 AM.