Los Angeles, CA — The FX Channel program “30 Days” that aired Wednesday, August 23, featured a segment about Operation Rescue, the Truth Trucks, and its efforts to support abortion bans across the nation. The graphic images on the Truth Trucks and other pro-life signs were uncensored.
The program was centered on His Nesting Place, a pro-life maternity home in Long Beach, CA, that hosted an abortion clinic worker named Jennifer for thirty days. His Nesting Place also operates a crisis pregnancy center and a number of other community outreaches, and is run by Pastor Al and Judy Howard, long-time friends of Operation Rescue.
Evidence of Operation Rescue’s ministry was scattered throughout the episode. In addition to an interview with Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, other ministries were featured using resources produced by Operation Rescue. Some of the literature that Jennifer was seen folding, which is used by His Nesting Place in their sidewalk counseling ministry, was designed and produced by Operation Rescue. Many of the large color graphic signs used by the pro-lifers shown in the episode outside the Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois, were designed and donated by Operation Rescue.
“It was our privilege to have been given the opportunity to have a small part in that program that focused on the awesome ministry of our good friends, Pastor Al and Judy Howard,” said Newman. “It is also our honor to be able to be a blessing to pro-life ministries around the nation and provide them with resources that have aided their work of saving lives from the tragedy of abortion.”
“We thank God for the opportunity this program gave the pro-life movement to expose millions of people to not only the tragedy of abortion, but the loving practical assistance offered to women by pro-lifers that have helped thousands of women turn their lives around and restore their families,” said Newman. “This counters the lie that pro-lifers only care about the baby before he or she is born, and proves our love and concern for the woman and her entire family. Show me one abortion mill that cares for the needs of the women to the extent His Nesting Place does. It simply does not exist.”