Planned Parenthood – Subject of criminal investigation continues to thwart grand jury process
[This is a statement released today by the L.I.F.E. Coalition (Life Is For Everyone Coalition), which led to citizen effort to convene the grand jury in Johnson County, Kansas, that is currently investigating Planned Parenthood. Operation Rescue is a member of that coalition.]

Olathe, Kansas — Today was another attempt by Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood to thwart the efforts of the Johnson County Grand Jury criminal investigation into their possible criminal activities. Planned Parenthood is refusing the grand jury subpoena and continues to stonewall turning over evidence that could prove that the organization is falsifying documents in order to perform illegal late term abortions and dodge parental consent laws, among other things.
“Planned Parenthood is holding back evidence in the grand jury proceedings using privacy as a smokescreen despite the fact that no patient identities would ever be revealed,” says Tim Golba, spokesman for L.I.F.E. Coalition. “All one needs to do to understand their double standard is to go to Planned Parenthood’s own web site to see that they have no problem releasing names of patients for their own fundraising efforts.”
Planned Parenthood has already delayed the grand jury 40 days because of their refusal to obey the subpoena. The grand jury has three months to complete their investigation and because of Planned Parenthood’s delay tactics, their time is almost up. As in many criminal cases, the law cannot be enforced without medical records.
“It is essential that the judge extend the grand jury. Planned Parenthood should not be permitted to invoke the privacy of their patients under absurd arguments in order to conceal crimes when they are fully aware that all names and privacy identifying information are removed. Their delay tactics should not be rewarded with dismantling the the grand jury that was formed to investigate their crimes. Extending the time of this grand jury will not add a burden to grand jury members, if their time is respected by waiting to reconvene them once the medical records are produced in compliance with the grand jury subpoena.” concluded Golba.
L.I.F.E. Coalition is made up of Concerned Women for America, Women Influencing the Nation, and Operation Rescue.