By Anne Reed

Kansas, known for its vast prairies, rolling hills, natural beauty, and virtuous people, is currently the epicenter of the abortion debate. Operation Rescue is headquartered in Kansas, and we are proud that our state is the first, since Roe v. Wade was overturned, to offer its citizens the opportunity to decide on abortion through a ballot initiative.

Not only was the state of Kansas freed from federal interference upon Roe’s overturn, but the people of the state are now exercising their authority to overturn a 2019 Kansas Supreme Court decision. Much like Roe v. Wade did on a federal level, it erroneously claimed a constitutional right to abortion on a state level.

The decision effectively usurped every state law restricting abortion and made it impossible to regulate abortion in any meaningful way.

Ever since, abortion has been taken to the fullest extent possible in the state of Kansas. It has been a destination point for shameful, violent late-term abortion.

This is not who we are, Kansas!

Yet, the threat of becoming even more of an abortion destination is growing with each passing day as late-term abortionists look for states where they will not be prosecuted for their heinous crimes against humanity. The more liberal the laws allowing for late-term abortion in a state, the more appealing it is for the most dangerous, criminally-minded abortionists to congregate.

These abortionists do not care that the growing babies they abort feel immense pain while they are brutally destroyed.

But Kansans care! We are better than that!

We do not want to invite the likes of Kermit Gosnell into our state!

It is incredibly important that Kansans go to the polls next Tuesday, August 2, and vote YES on the Value them Both Constitutional Amendment.

If you live in another state, you can help. Post to your social media, call your relatives and friends in Kansas.

And if you live in Kansas, bring a friend or two to vote! Vote YES, YES, YES! Be prepared! Click HERE to see what your ballot will look like Tuesday.