[Pictured above: Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who is accused of participating in the leak of an abortion decision that purportedly would overturn Roe v. Wade.]

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, D.C. — Last evening, Politico published a report that announced a draft of the Alito-penned decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortion case had been leaked to them by a U.S. Supreme Court insider. The report indicated that Justices Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett all voted in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, two cases that decriminalized and protected abortion on demand in the United States.

The leaked decision, bearing a February 2022 date, is not final.  Justices may change their support of it up until the time the final decision is officially released, which is not expected until June or July – plenty of time for woke outrage to apply pressure on the Court.

“There’s little doubt that leftist proaborts, probably from Sotomayor’s office, leaked the Alito decision out of panic over the possibility of losing the Dobbs case, ” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “I can smell their fear and desperation.”

This leak is sending shockwaves throughout the political world because it is unprecedented. There has been no such leak of a Supreme Court decision in modern times and represents a major breach of Supreme Court security.

A Republican advisor and strategist, Matt Woking, connected the dots in a Twitter thread last night between Politico and Amit Jain, who clerks for pro-abortion Justice Sonia Sotomayor. According to Woking, Jain is a frequent source for Politico and is no fan of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  Woking suggests that Jain may have been responsible for the leak.

The shocking presupposition is that the Alito decision was leaked to foment social unrest that would apply pressure and intimidate the conservative justices to the point of changing their support for overturning Roe and Casey.

If Woking is correct, and Sotomayor was somehow involved in the leak, it is an egregious betrayal of the sanctity of the Supreme Court’s decision-making process and a blatant attempt to subvert a decision with which she does not agree.

Already, Democrat political figures, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren are calling on pro-abortion protestors to get vocal.  Joe Biden used the opportunity to voice continued support for abortion and call for the election of Democrats during the critical upcoming Midterm elections where Democrats are not expected to do well.

“This leak has created chaos and an opportunity for leftists to bully the court into changing its decision.  If Sotomayor was indeed involved in this leak, she should immediately resign or face impeachment,” said Newman.  “Anyone else involved directly in the leak should be arrested immediately for sedition and fomenting an insurrection against the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government.”

In February, President Donald J. Trump addressed CPAC in Orlando, Florida, and publicly worried that certain justices would not “do the right thing” because of fear and threats of impeachment. He warned of further intimidation.

“But even our Supreme Court justices – and it’s sad to say this – are afraid to do what has to be done to save our country.  . . They are terrified of the radical left.  They are afraid of packing the court . . . And at any cost, they don’t want to be impeached. . . [Kavanaugh] lived through hell and he’s afraid.  I believe he’s afraid.  I believe he’s afraid to do the right thing.  I really do. You know the expression? Play the ref.  Play the ref.  They said not so long ago they’re going to impeach him for something.  Then they found out — Then the woman got up and said, ‘Well, he never did anything wrong.’ They said, ‘We don’t care.  We’re going to impeach him anyway.’  These are vicious people.  These are vicious people, and we can’t let this go on.  [The justices] need to gain strength.  They need to gain new courage, and they have to stand up for freedom and stand up for what is right.  They can no longer be afraid of the radical left. . .”

Operation Rescue supports overturning the two abortion cases, which would return the decision on whether to allow abortions back to the states.  Currently, 26 states have laws on the books that would outlaw abortion, should Roe v. Wade fall.

President Donald J. Trump addressing Supreme Court threats and intimidation at CPAC on February 26, 2022.