Complaint filed against him for operating on an “inactive” medical license
Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue has discovered that Ronald Norman Yeomans is the new abortionist at Central Women’s Services, a small abortion mill located on Central Avenue in Wichita, KS. He is currently operating on a Kansas medical license with an “inactive” status, and is plagued with allegations of malpractice and the protection of pedophiles.
A complaint has been filed with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts against Yeomans for operating on an inactive Kansas license.
Central Women’s Services generally is only open for abortions one-two times per month, and had not done any child-killings between December 23, 2005 and Janaury 30, 2006. Then on January 31, Operation Rescue discovered the small mill was again committing abortions and began an investigation.
OR discovered that Yeomans had replaced the elderly abortionist Sherman Zaremski at both the Wichita location and at Aid for Women, Zaremski’s Kansas City, KS abortion mill that is currently embroiled in a Federal trial concerning its opposition to the mandatory reporting of underage sex abuse. Yeoman’s employer, Aid for Women, submits that abortionists should not be required to report sexual intercourse in children aged 15 and under, which is classified as Statutory Rape in the State of Kansas. It is the position of the State of Kansas that the non-reporting of Statutory Rape protects sexual predators from arrest and prosecution.
Yeomans was born in Chillicothe, Missouri, in December of 1940. A graduate of the University of Kansas School of Medicine in 1967, Yeomans completed post-graduate training at Wesley Medical Center, the same facility where late-term abortionist George Tiller holds hospital privileges. He also attended the Kansas City Medical College in 1970.
Yeomans is a former abortionist with Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, which operates an abortion mill in Overland Park where Yeomans lives. He is also on record as having worked at Planned Parenthood of St. Louis, Missouri.
Yeomans left Kansas in 2003, and obtained a medical license in West Virginia, listing his primary work location as Women’s Health Center, an abortion mill in Charleston. His license there lists two cases of malpractice brought against him, both of which were settled with his payment of substantial monetary awards.
Yeomans also holds additional active medical licenses in Indiana and Missouri, with expired licenses listed with the States of Arizona and Ohio.
Ronald and his wife, Helen, are registered Republicans in Johnson County, Kansas, and have been avid financial supporters of pro-abortion Kansas Democratic Congressman Dennis Moore. A bright bumper sticker supporting Moore adorns the back of his pickup truck that he drives to the abortion mills.
In addition, Yeoman is listed as a contributor to the 2002 book, Sacred Feathers, by Maril Crabtree, a compilation of 65 “true” stories about how “feather power” helped people. (In some cases, this might accurately be referred to as “quackery.”) According to a now defunct web-site:

How can feathers change your life? This book contains 65 true stories with 65 answers to that question. Feathers – sacred omens used for healing power throughout history — can reveal our spiritual connections to ourselves, to others, and to the world beyond. You will learn how to

  • meditate with feathers, use feather energy to “lighten up” and let go of negative thoughts
  • attract positive feather energy for your relationships and other important areas of your life
  • use feathers to help heal yourself and others
  • receive important messages from the universe through feathers
  • Also from the web site is a paragraph about Yeomans:

    Ron Yeomans, M.D., lives in Kansas, “the land of Oz,” and says, “I seem to be wandering around in the wilderness with assorted witches, gargoyles, good fairies and munchkins. Like the scarecrow, I have a degree and, I hope, a brain. Like the lion, I have at least had the courage to begin my quest, but I’m not always sure where I am. Like the Tin Man, I know I have a heart because sometimes I can feel it breaking; and sometimes I can even feel love in it. Like Dorothy, I sometimes don’t feel like I’m in Kansas anymore. Now and then, another feather drops into my life to show me that I’m really meant to fly, if I have the courage, the insight, and open my heart to the possibility.”

    Yeomans is a member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
    “Aside from the obvious problems of trusting someone to carry out surgery who believes he can use a feather to heal and receive messages from the universe, Yeomans’ reappearance in Kansas is troubling,” said OR President Troy Newman. “He obviously has little respect for life, or he wouldn’t have spent years traveling the country killing innocent pre-born babies. He also apparently has little respect for the law — and in fact is showing us that he is above it by operating on an inactive medical license and by his association with an radical abortion organization, Aid for Women, that believes its abortionists should not be required to report child sexual predators as Kansas law requires. This, coupled with the two malpractice charges that we know about, has led us to believe that he is unnecessarily placing Kansas women and children at risk.”