UPDATE: Abortionist Activated License, Returned to Kansas to Keep Two Mills from Closing
Feb. 8, 2006 — In response to the complaint filed against abortionist Ronald N. Yeomans for operating with an “inactive” medical license at two Kansas abortion mills, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts contacted Operation Rescue representative Cheryl Sullenger and informed her of the following:
On January 25, 2006, Yeomans requested that his Kansas medical license be reactivated effective January 31, 2006. After providing the KSBHA with evidence that he had adequate insurance in place, his license was reactivated on January 31, the day pro-lifers first discovered him at Central Women’s Services in Wichita. However, the online licensing information, last updated on that same day, did not reflect the change in licensing status. In fact, the online licensing information, which is generally kept current, has not yet been updated as of this writing.
“We had every reason to believe, based on the most current public records available, that Yoemans has not reactivated his medical license prior to his first appearance at Central. If presented with the same set of facts again, we would not hesitate to file another complaint. In fact we believe it would be our duty to do so,” said Sullenger.
“We also believe the timing of his request to reactivate his Kansas license indicates a hasty return to Kansas, possibly for the reason of keeping two failing abortion mills from closing permanently,” Sullenger continued. “Central Women’s Services was closed for abortions for 37 consecutive days, and Yeoman’s Kansas City mill, Aid For Women, was also closed for an extended period of time. These two abortion mills are on shaky ground. Please pray with us that Yeomans will repent and that these two child-killing centers will close for good.”

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue photographers were on hand Tuesday when abortionist Ronald N. Yeomans arrived in Wichita for a day of child-killing at Central Women’s Services. These photographs document that Yeomans is currently aborting babies while his Kansas medical license is listed as “inactive”.
As Yeomans stepped around his pickup to enter the shabby and neglected abortion mill, he glibly waved to the pro-lifers and snidely remarked, “Well, we’ve got a nice big greeting committee out today! Thank you for coming!”
Yeomans replaced abortionist Sherman Zaremski, 76, who is currently unable to make the trip to Wichita from his home in Leawood, KS, because of health problems.
Yeomans has a connection with Wichita’s better-known abortionist, George R. Tiller. Both are 1967 graduates of the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Tiller’s graduation photo appears on page 93 of the 1967 Jayhawkers MD Yearbook, and Yeomans’ photo is featured on page 94.
“While Yeomans’ medical license is listed as ‘inactive’ he is actively killing innocent little pre-born babies in two Kansas communities,” said OR Outreach Coordinator Cheryl Sullenger. “We pray that Yeomans will repent and stop shedding of innocent blood.”
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