LLM’s Truth Truck was impounded Saturday by the Detroit City Police, and Dennis Green, director of Life and Liberty Ministries, was arrested, cuffed and taken to jail.
[The following is a press release from Life & Liberty Ministries. This ministry graciously drives a Truth Truck obtained from Operation Rescue and adorned with graphic signs designed by our staff. They faithfully and sacrificially drive their Truth Truck tens of thousands of miles per year, testifying of the horrific nature of abortion, and frequently join OR’s Truth Truck fleet on “Show the Truth” projects the nation. –OR Staff]

Detroit, MI — LLM’s Truth Truck arrived in town on Friday and met with immediate opposition from the Detroit Police Department.
On Friday evening, Dennis Green was issued a ticket for having no vehicle registration even as the ticketing officer held the reistration in his hand. Even though a supervisior was on the scene and was made aware of the bogus ticket, he refused to intervene and chose rather to let the injustice occur.
On Saturday, Feb. 4, LLM’s Truth Truck was pulled over by several City police cars and Dennis Green was told that he could not drive the vehicle in the downtown area. Repeatedly the officers were asked to show the driver what ordinance was being violated but the officers instead only berated Mr. Green for his pro-life message and said that the truck was going to be impounded.
After towing the truck away, Dennis Green was issued a ticket for “Violation of temporary signage in the entertainment zone — Failure to obtain petrmit.” This was of course a ridiculous charge but it was the method used to remove the message from the street until after the Super Bowl.
Dennis was then approached and told that he was under arrest. He was cuffed, loaded into a police van and taken to jail.
Before towing the truck away, Mr. Green heard the police debating what was to be done with the truck. Two officers were talking about cutting the signs form the truck and the officer in charge was heard saying that he could not just issue a ticket because he believed it would not stop the truck from being driven. He said that the situation must be “dealt with by towing the vehicle away and holding it as evidence”
After three hours Dennis Green was bonded out of jail. He must appear in District Court on Wednesday, Feb. 8.
The Detroit Police Department is intolerant toward the Scriptural message that abortion is murder. Though the Detroit police department may feel that they won this battle, the King of the Universe remains intolerant of the shedding of innocent blood. His people will cry aloud and spare not until this and all sin is dealt with whether by repentance or judgement.
Dennis Green
P.O. Box 862, Powhatan, VA 23139