Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue, working in conjunction with the Kansas Coalition for Life and other Pro-Life Unity groups, announces events surrounding the 36th memorial of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion to be held in Wichita, Kansas, the Abortion Capital of America.
A Candlelight Prayer Vigil will be held beginning at 5:30 PM on January 22, 2009, outside George Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion mill, located at 5107 E. Kellogg, in Wichita, to memorialize the innocent victims of abortion.
Immediately following the prayer vigil, there will be a special premier of the movie “22 weeks” at Operation Rescue’s National Headquarters, located at 3013 E. Central Avenue in Wichita. Refreshments will be served beginning at 6:30 PM with the movie starting at 7 PM.
After the 30 minute movie, there will be a question and answer period and discussion of avenues for action to stop abortion.
Operation Rescue is involved in hosting the World Premier of the film “22 Weeks” in three cities on January 22, 2009. Those cities are Washington DC, Orlando, Florida, where the incident depicted in the movie occurred, and in Wichita, Kansas, the Abortion Capital of the Nation.
The movie is based on the true story of woman who delivered a live baby at 22 weeks gestation after a failed abortion, and explores her emotions from her hesitancy about the abortion to her horror and regret. Because of the strong subject matter, parental discretion is advised.
The movie has a Wichita connection. The woman who had the abortion that is the subject of the movie, actually considered having her abortion in Wichita, but after viewing Operation Rescue’s web site, she decided that Tiller’s abortion mill was too dangerous. OR staffers later met the mother and became friends, helping her cope with the trauma of her abortion and supplying legal counsel for her.
“We are pleased to host the premier showing of 22 Weeks. It is a powerful movie about the horror and tragedy of late-term abortions, like the kind that go in every week in the community of Wichita. It should be of great interest to pro-lifers in Kansas,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “We also want to let the community and the nation know that recent perceived political set-backs have not dimmed our spirit or deterred our determination to stop abortion. Please mark your calendars and make plans now to attend.”