Legal action taken to stop deceptive statements about Measure 11, while Operation Rescue urges SDRTL and ALL to stand down from their divisive public attacks in the interest of unity.

Sioux Falls, SD – Vote Yes for Life, supporters of South Dakota’s proposed abortion ban, has announced that it will file a complaint with the FCC this week over “deceitful advertising” that has been broadcast by those who oppose the abortion ban.
An abortion group operating under the misleading name “The Campaign for Healthy Families” has aired television ads falsely claiming that Measure 11 would cause the government to decide when a woman needs and abortion, not her physician.
“This ad is nothing but a scare tactic to confuse the voters of South Dakota,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “They know if they discuss the abortion-for-birth-control issue, which accounts for 97% of all South Dakota abortions, they lose every time. Their only hope of continuing unabated abortion in South Dakota is to deceive the public about Measure 11.”
“We applaud the Vote Yes For Life organization for standing up to the abortion bullies and their lies, and taking appropriate action to stop the deception about Measure 11,” said Newman.
Also yesterday, two so-called “pro-life” groups shamefully made equally misleading statements in the Argus Leader newspaper, siding with the Campaign for Healthy Families abortion group in their effort to defeat Measure 11.
Kyle Holdt, spokesperson for South Dakota Right to Life made the false claim that Measure 11 makes some lives expendable. Judi Brown from the American Life League erroneously stated, “This initiative is based on the assumption that some lives are more valuable than others and that wantedness determines a child’s right to live.”
“With all due respect to Mr. Holdt and Mrs. Brown, they are just dead wrong about this,” said Newman. “Measure 11 is designed to save as many babies as possible now, while working toward complete abolition. No life is expendable. While it may not be possible under the circumstances to save them all, it is unthinkable and intolerable not to act to save the lives we can.
“If Holdt and Brown get their way, hundreds of pre-born babies will needlessly die. One simply cannot call themselves ‘pro-life’ then actively work to insure that as many abortions as possible continue to occur, as they have done. They need to get out their pro-life GPS and figure out what side they are on.
“In the interest of unity, we urge both groups to stop siding with Planned Parenthood and stand down on their misleading attacks against those who are trying to stop abortion and save as many innocent lives as possible.”