Abortionist’s Ties To Biggs Disqualifies Him As Morrison Replacement

Topeka, KS – As the political fallout concerning Attorney General Paul Morrison’s illicit sexual affair and allegations of abortion investigation corruption continues to rain down on Kansans from the editorial pages and radio waves, one person whose name as been mentioned as a possible replacement for Morrison, should he resign, is Chris Biggs current Kansas Securities Commissioner.
Operation Rescue considers Biggs unqualified to replace the discredited Morrison because of his ties to late-term abortionist George R. Tiller. Tiller currently is facing criminal prosecution by the Attorney General’s office on 19 counts of illegal late-term abortions.
Biggs, who was defeated by Phill Kline for Attorney General in 2002, accepted $2,000 in campaign contributions on the books from Tiller’s political action committee, ProKanDo. But it is what is off the books that should disqualify Biggs from consideration.
Tiller funneled nearly a quarter of a million dollars into the Biggs campaign through Kansans for Democratic Leadership, a shill group set up by Tiller operatives in order to “launder” abortion money so that the recipients would be able to deny association with Tiller and the abortion lobby. It was a shady, dishonest maneuver that drew an investigation after the election. While not technically illegal, the money was given through a complicated series of donations so that the public would be deceived about who was actually behind the campaign funding.
“Because of the deceptive nature of the way huge amounts of money was pumped in the Biggs campaign by Tiller, Biggs’ integrity and honesty remain under a cloud of suspicion, and that is the last thing Kansans need in the Attorney General’s office right now,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Given the fact that Tiller is in the process of a criminal prosecution, it is clear that Biggs, with his shady connections to Tiller, is the wrong man for the job.”
“Any politician with ties to Tiller, Planned Parenthood, or the national abortion lobby should not be considered as Morrison’s replacement,” said Newman. “Instead, Operation Rescue urges Gov. Sebelius to appoint someone with the experience and integrity to do the job without the attachment of the abortion cartel’s puppet strings.”
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