Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison –who PROTECTS George Tiller and Planned Parenthood–is in DEEP TROUBLE!

Major corruption and sex scandal could force him out of office!
Please help us DEMAND his resignation by sending the e-mails in the letter below.
But HURRY!!! We must ACT NOW!!!

FROM: Troy Newman – Operation Rescue
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
My Dear Pro-Life Friend,
This is extremely urgent!!!
Two days ago, a Kansas newspaper broke the shocking story
about pro-abort Attorney General Paul Morrison–who, as you
may know, was put into office by the notorious late-term abortionist, George R. Tiller of Wichita.
Tiller put over a million dollars into Morrison’s campaign to
unseat the pro-life Attorney General Phill Kline, who was busy investigating Tiller and Planned Parenthood for performing illegal late-term abortions in Kansas.
But now, Paul Morrison is the one who will be investigated!
And we need YOUR HELP to make sure he either RESIGNS or is forced out of office–because he is clearly UNFIT to serve as the top prosecutor for the State of Kansas!!!

And after you read this alarming story, you’ll agree it’s high time
that George Tiller’s “legal lap dog” gets thrown out of the house!
Here’s the story…
According to a federal sexual harassment claim filed by Linda Carter, a longtime staffer who worked under Morrison in the Johnson County District Attorney’s office, Morrison used his power and authority as her boss to pressure her into having an illicit extra-marital affair with him for the last two years.
He even had sex with her in the offices of the Johnson County Courthouse–during work hours!!!
He persuaded her to leave her husband… he said he’d divorce
his wife… and he promised he would marry her. He even bought
Mrs. Carter a $16,000 engagement ring!
Surprisingly, Morrison DOESN’T DENY any of this!!!
BUT… the sex scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.
What’s even more disturbing is the revelation that Morrison attempted to use his relationship with Linda Carter to TAMPER with ongoing federal litigation… and to SPY on Phill Kline’s criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood!!!
I’m not kidding.
As you may know, Morrison has fought tooth-and-nail to block Phill Kline’s investigations of George Tiller and Planned Parenthood.
For instance, when he took office as Attorney General, he immediately dismissed 30 very serious criminal charges that Phill Kline had already filed against George Tiller, and instead replaced them with 19 “soft” misdemeanor charges.
And, when he was the District Attorney of Johnson County (where
Planned Parenthood is located), he blocked Phill Kline at every turn.
He’s even used his capacity as Attorney General to intervene on behalf of Planned Parenthood when they faced an investigation of their abortion records.
For some reason, Morrison seems scared to death that Planned
Parenthood’s records will be revealed.
Could it be that his name is on one of the abortion receipts???
I don’t know… but now that we know about his sexual misconduct, it sure makes me wonder.
And according to the news article, this isn’t the first time he’s “put the moves” on one of his female employees.
A woman named Kelly Summerlin, who worked for Morrison in the
D.A.’s office 15 years ago, filed two sexual harassment lawsuits against Morrison for propositioning her and then FIRING HER four months later after she turned him down.
Summerlin stated to the press, “I’m sure I’m not the only one.
I felt like a skirt.”
When Phill Kline brought up the issue of these lawsuits during the
2006 election campaign, Morrison acted like he was squeaky clean.
He even had his wife publicly castigate Kline for “maliciously attacking the integrity of our marriage.” She said Kline had “lost his moral compass.”
Well, it turns out Kline was right all along.
It’s Morrison who has lost his moral compass.
According to the sworn statement by Linda Carter, she and Morrison regularly had sex in her private office and in Morrison’s office at the courthouse during normal business hours.
During one such encounter, the statement says that Morrison gazed out the office window and wondered aloud if Phill Kline had someone watching through a telescope.
The two also had sex in a witness room!!!
Carter said the last time she and Morrison had sex in the Johnson
County Courthouse was Sunday, Jan. 7 — the day before he was sworn in as Attorney General in Topeka.
And at one point while he was “courting” Mrs. Carter, Morrison brought her to a tattoo parlor where he had her initials tattooed on his private parts!!!
By the way, Morrison also calls himself an active Catholic, and–get this–teaches a marriage preparation class at his parish!!!
But wait…there’s more.
While all of this sexual impropriety was going on, Morrison constantly questioned Linda Carter about Phill Kline’s investigation of Planned Parenthood. He wanted to know what progress Kline was making…how much money was being spent on expert witnesses… and other issues about the investigation, which he had no business prying into.
Furthermore, Morrison pressured Mrs. Carter to write letters that would have been very damaging to Phill Kline in a lawsuit that’s still going on. He wanted her to paint Kline in a bad light– and she refused to do it. (This is commonly called “tampering with a witness”–and is highly illegal.)
This caused a lot of strain in their “relationship”–and they started arguing a lot. On one occasion, Morrison called her a monster, a sociopath, and a bad manager. He also threatened that he could sidetrack her effort to find a new job. (That’s called “sexual harassment”–also highly illegal.)
Again, Morrison ADMITS to having this illicit relationship.
However, he’s DENYING that he harassed Linda Carter or subjected her to any sexual discrimination–because you can go to PRISON for that, as well as LOSE everything you own, and never run for office again.
Oh, now that this story has broken wide open–it even hit the Washington Post yesterday–Morrison wants everyone to just leave him alone and not “pry” into his “personal life.”
Like a typical pro-abort, he’s singing the same old tired song of the abortion industry…

“You Must Respect My PRIVACY!”

Sorry, Mr. Morrison. This is NOT a “privacy” issue.
This is all about an elected public servant who has DEFILED the office of the Attorney General.
This is all about UNPROFESSIONAL and UNETHICAL behavior by a man who is a PROVEN LIAR and now CANNOT BE TRUSTED.
This is about a man who has VIOLATED the trust of the people of Kansas.
A man who has ABUSED his power in order to protect BABY-KILLERS.
A man who VIOLATED his own marriage as well as Linda Carter’s by having ILLICIT SEX–even in the courthouseduring work hours!!!
Clearly, Paul Morrison is UNFIT to hold office any longer.
Therefore, we at Operation Rescue are calling for his IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION or termination by the proper authorities.
And dear reader, we need YOUR HELP to make sure this happens!

On top of everything else we’re working on here at Operation Rescue, we now have to focus heavily on this important battle.
You see, Paul Morrison is the #1 reason why George Tiller has never been brought to trial.
Morrison has stood in the way of
all of Phill Kline’s investigations into Tiller’s illegal late-term abortions.
He has also attempted to block Kline’s investigations of Planned Parenthood’s suspected illegal abortions.
He’s the “legal lap dog” for the abortion cartel in Kansas. And as the State’s top prosecutor, he uses his power to make sure the abortionists get away with the illegal activity that would otherwise shut them down forever.
That’s why Paul Morrison HAS TO GO.
Not just because of the sex scandal. That’s bad enough. But now we see that Morrison was trying to use his mistress to defeat Phill Kline’s investigations and protect his abortion-industry puppet masters.
Paul Morrison WAS the best law-enforcement official that George Tiller’s money could buy.
But now, this scandal is rocking the State of Kansas at the highest levels–and politicians (especially Morrison’s fellow Democrats) are doing everything they can to distance themselves from him.
That means we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to remove Paul Morrison from office–and thereby remove the main obstacle to getting TRUE JUSTICE in Kansas.
With Morrison removed, Tiller and Planned Parenthood will have no one protecting them anymore!
And with no one to “run interference” for these notorious baby-killers, the people of Kansas can safely conduct their Grand Jury investigations into the suspected illegal abortions that Tiller and Planned Parenthood have committed for many, many years.
Yes, this could finally be the break we’ve been praying for!
The Grand Jury that will investigate Planned Parenthood was “seated” just yesterday in Johnson County. Very soon, an intense investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices will begin… and heads will roll.
Same goes for George Tiller’s investigation by a Grand Jury in Sedgwick County. Thanks to your efforts and prayers, the Kansas Supreme Court recently gave the green light for the Grand Jury investigation to begin!
So now, we must strike while the iron is hot and make sure Paul Morrison leaves the office of Attorney General.
And here’s all you have to do…
First, I’d like you to send an e-mail to Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. True, she’s a bought-and-paid-for “Tiller politician”–but she won’t dare risk her political career to save Paul Morrison’s hide. No sir.
And if Governor Sebelius gets enough public pressure, she will have no choice but to demand Morrison’s resignation.
That’s what your first e-mail will accomplish.
Your second e-mail should be sent to the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator, asking them to conduct an official inquiry into the Morrison scandal.
Once they compile the evidence and see the pattern of Morrison’s ethical and professional misconduct, they too will have no choice but to demand Paul Morrison’s immediate dismissal.
I’ve taken the liberty of drafting “sample” e-mails for you to use, which are printed below.
Simply “copy and paste” them into your own e-mail message and send them to the accompanying e-mail addresses…
E-Mail to Governor Sebelius

TO: Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
Click here to E-mail
Dear Governor,
I was horrified to learn about the shameful scandal involving Attorney General Paul Morrison, and I’m writing to ask that you seek Mr. Morrison’s immediate resignation in order to preserve the honor of the office of Attorney General.
Paul Morrison’s unprofessional, unethical behavior must not be tolerated. He has proven himself to be a man of deceit, and he can no longer be trusted by the citizens of Kansas.
His abuse of power, his lack of self-control, and his willful disregard for the dignity of his office makes him unfit to be the chief law enforcement official of Kansas.
I urge you to do everything in your power as Governor to regain the public’s respect and confidence in state government.
Only Paul Morrison’s resignation will restore the public trust.

E-Mail to Office of the Disciplinary Administrator

TO: Sara S. Beezley, Chairman
Dear Ms. Beezley,
Because it is now painfully obvious that Attorney General Paul Morrison has violated the rules of ethics and the moral standards for an elected official of his stature, I respectfully request that your agency launch a full investigation into Mr. Morrison’s unethical conduct and take whatever disciplinary action is appropriate, including demanding Morrison’s immediate resignation or termination.
Attorney General Morrison’s unprofessional, unethical behavior must not be tolerated. He has proven himself to be a man of deceit, and he can no longer be trusted by the citizens of Kansas.
His abuse of power, his lack of self-control, and his willful disregard for the dignity of his office makes him unfit to be the chief law enforcement official of Kansas. And the allegations that he tampered with a federal witness certainly deserve your utmost scrutiny.
I urge you to do everything in your power to regain the public’s respect and confidence in the State’s law enforcement agencies.
Only Paul Morrison’s resignation or termination will restore that public trust.

Please send those two e-mails TODAY–right now, if possible–because time is of the essence on this.
We must strike while the iron’s hot before the media and Tiller’s friends find a way to get Morrison off the hook and slither out of this mess!
And that brings me to another request…
Because we will now have to focus a great deal of our time, effort, and scarce resources on this epic battle, I’m hoping you’ll take a moment and send Operation Rescue a special gift so we can properly keep this issue alive in the media and in the public’s mind.
The liberal/pro-abort news media in Kansas will surely try to “bury” this story…they’ll hope it goes away… or, as they usually do, “ignore the accusation but destroy the accuser.”
But with your help, we won’t let them get away with it!
We’re going to keep this story alive.
We’re going to do radio and television interviews.
We’re going to meet with all of the state officials who are involved in the investigation of Paul Morrison’s activities–and ensure they get to the truth about this man.
And we will also be pressing on with our vocal public support of the Grand Jury investigation into Planned Parenthood, which is now underway.
We can’t let the media “sweep it under the rug” as they usually do.
We have to be the Voice of Justice here in Kansas. Because if we can defeat the abortion cartel here, we can defeat it everywhere.
That’s why this is NOT a “Kansas” issue. It’s a national issue with national consequences for every man, woman, and unborn child in America.
So even if you don’t live in Kansas, please don’t hesitate to get involved. Don’t hesitate to send those e-mails to Gov. Sebelius and the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator.
And please don’t hesitate to send us a small gift–ANY amount will help–so we are assured of having the financial resources necessary to fight against Tiller, Planned Parenthood, and Paul Morrison during this decisive, pivotal battle. (Click Here to Donate)
Paul Morrison is trying to “defend” himself via pathetic appeals to the public’s sense of mercy and forgiveness of sinners.
He’s quoted as saying, “I sincerely apologize for this failing in my personal life, and I pledge to continue to fight for the safety and security of Kansans to the best of my ability.”
Just what is “the best of his ability”??? Having sex in the courthouse–at the taxpayers’ expense??? I don’t see how he can ‘fight for the safety and security of Kansans’ while he’s fornicating in his office!!!
Then he has the gall to say, “I ask you to respect my privacy as I work through these painful issues privately.”
I say, No, Mr. Morrison. The people of Kansas–and the people of the entire United States–deserve better.
You can’t hide behind “privacy” any longer.
The so-called “right to privacy” has led to the slaughter of 50 MILLION unborn babies since 1973. We’re not going to listen to the “privacy” cop-out any more!!!
And if your name is on one of those abortion receipts at the Planned Parenthood office in Johnson County, you’ll have even more explaining to do.
Especially to your wife.
* * *
Dear reader, I think you see the urgency of this situation.
That’s why I beg you to get involved with us… do your part by sending the e-mails above… and send us a special gift so we can continue working diligently on this project and all our ongoing efforts to stop abortion in America.
You can donate quickly and easily by CLICKING HERE.
Your gift of $25, $35, even $50 or more is vital to achieving victory over Paul Morrison, George Tiller, and Planned Parenthood.
All the baby-killers in America are shaking in their blood-stained boots right now because of the Paul Morrison scandal. They know what it means.
It could be the break we’ve been praying for–a true gift from God that will give us the victory we’ve been fighting so long and faithfully for.
Galatians 6:9 says…
“Let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”

Other groups would have given up a long time ago. But we at Operation Rescue know that we have strong, loyal supporters like you who keep us going every day, without stopping.
We have not lost heart. We have not grown weary.
All we need is YOUR HELP–your prayers and your financial support–to achieve the victory we seek for the babies.
Please… May I hear from you today???
Thank you, and God bless!!
For His Holy Innocents,
Troy Newman

P.S. Please remember to I included in this letter–and then to go our website to rush us your extra-special gift so we can make sure Paul Morrison gets the justice he deserves right away!
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It’s the only way we can finally defeat George Tiller and Planned Parenthood in Kansas.
Without Paul Morrison in the Attorney General’s office, they lose.
But if we lose, the babies lose…!!! Please help? and HURRY!!!