Wichita, KS — A new documentary produced by Life Dynamics, Inc. of Denton, Texas, reveals the filthy, and unsafe conditions that existed at Central Women’s Services, a former Wichita abortion mill that was purchased by Operation Rescue earlier this year.
Within hours of taking possession of the building that had housed an abortion clinic since 1983, OR President Troy Newman guided LDI’s Mark Crutcher and his production team on a tour of the facility, where they filmed and documented the shocking conditions that existed there. The mill was a member of the National Abortion Federation, an association of shoddy abortion mills around the country, some of which have recently been closed for their unsafe conditions and practices by the states of Florida and Alabama.

The documentary was originally part of LDI’s monthly video magazine, LifeTalk, but has been edited here to include only the segment on the conditions at Central Women’s Services. To obtain a full copy of LifeTalk, please click here.
Operation Rescue has plans to renovate the building to include a memorial to the estimated 50,000 pre-born babies who lost their lives there. It will also serve as OR’s national headquarters, where they plan to continue their work to close more abortion mills across the country. For more information about this endeavor, and how you can help OR redeem this former killing center for God’s glory and purposes, please click here.