Pro-life measures, candidates lose big
Washington, DC — The politics of abortion took a surprising turn on Tuesday as America voted across the board to reject measures and candidates that would have restricted abortion.
The South Dakota abortion ban, which appeared on ballots as Referred Law 6, was soundly defeated with 56% of voters in opposition. The ban is believed to have failed because it contained no exceptions for victims of rape and incest.
In Missouri, Amendment 2 that would provide for life-destructive human embryo experimentation and cloning won by a narrow 2% margin. The Stowers family, founders of the Stowers Institute of Medical Research dumped an unprecedented $30 million into this campaign, making it the most expensive campaign by far in Missouri history.
Meanwhile, California voters soundly defeated Prop 85, a measure that would have required parental notification for minors to obtain abortions. A similar measure in Oregon was also unsuccessful.
In Kansas, pre-born babies and little girls who are being sexually abused lost their strongest advocate as Attorney General Phill Kline lost the media war along with his office to pro-abortion Paul Morrison. Morrison has promised to drop all investigations into abortion clinic crimes, including the concealment of child rape and illegal late term abortions. Wichita abortionist George Tiller pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into third party groups that aided Morrison, including 2 non-profits that campaigned in apparent violation of the law. Pro-lifers have documented the groups’ links to Tiller.
Pro-abortion Democrats captured control of the U.S. House of Representatives and split the control of the Senate. This will make the passage of pro-life legislation virtually impossible for the next two years.
In addition, 28 states now will have Democratic governors, having gained six states overnight.
“America has voted and the bloody results have placed the most vulnerable among us, the pre-born, in the crosshairs for continued extermination,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Elections are often cyclical, and we have no doubt that those who respect life will eventually regain control our governmental institutions. It is inevitable. While Tuesday’s vote was a speed bump of sorts for us, in general, our cause is advancing.”
“While pro-life victories would have brought encouragement to those who work to end the national tragedy of abortion, we do not place our hopes in the government of man but in the Sovereignty of God,” said Newman.