By Cheryl Sullenger

Chicago, IL – A rundown abortion business in the crime-infested downtown area of Chicago, Illinois, experienced an abortion-related medical emergency that required a teen to be transported to a local hospital.

According to 911 records provided to Operation Rescue by the Pro-Life Action League, the Michigan Avenue Center for Health called for an ambulance on May 30, 2020, for a 17-year old girl who was convulsing after an abortion.

MACH:  We have a patient convulsing after, uh –. Her vitals are fine.  She has a history of it. No medication, but the doctors just wanna –

911:  So, is this a doctor’s office?

MACH: Yes.  She had a pregnancy termination.

The Event Query Report that accompanied the 911 recordings noted that the woman was not conscious, but was still breathing. 

The ambulance was asked to go to the poorly-maintained back-alley entrance to pick up the young patient.  She was transported to nearby Mercy Hospital for emergency care after a delay waiting for her seizure medication to arrive.

The building housing the Michigan Avenue Center for Health has been up for sale since March and is open only occasionally.  It is operated by a husband and wife team of abortionists, Vinod and Vijay Goyal

The Goyal’s once operated seven abortion facilities in the Chicago area, but their abortion chain now appears to be collapsing.  In January 2020, they closed the Aanchor Health Care Center in Glenn Ellen.  The Michigan Avenue abortion facility appears it will shut down soon as well.   Once that clinic closes, they will have just two abortion facilities left – the Access Health Center in Downer’s Grove, and Advantage Health Care in Wood Dale.

In 2013, the Goyal’s sued their bank after they discovered that two of their employees embezzled $20 million from their abortion business — $1 million per year for twenty years.  Apparently, they didn’t miss the money for many years, but when they finally did, they did not take responsibility for failing to check on their financial situation for two decades.  Instead, they blamed their bank for allowing the theft to occur.

That seemed ironic in light of disciplinary action taken against Vinod Goyal in the late 1997.  He was caught bilking an insurance company by billing it for over ten times the actual cost of an abortion, which, at that time was $340-350.

All the Goyal clinics have had more than their share of failed health inspections over the years, with serious citations that included sanitation issues, ill-equipped crash carts, and lack of staff training.

“The world will be a better place once the Goyal’s are out of the abortion business,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “Abortion is not safe, especially at nasty clinics like those operated by the Goyal’s. The 17-year old girl who was hospitalized with seizures after her abortion unfortunately found that out the hard way.”