Kline courageously stood for the abused innocent in spite of attacks

Topeka, KS — Attorney General Phill Kline was soundly defeated by pro-abortion Democrat Paul Morrison in a bitterly contentious election that centered around abortion politics.
In what was expected to be a closer race, Morrison garnered 58% of the vote in a state where the pro-abortion media refused to accurately report Kline’s positions, and published vicious and often personal attacks on him daily.
At the center of the race was Kline’s investigation into abortion clinics for the concealment of child rape and illegal late-term abortions. A judge had granted Kline access to 90 abortion medical records that the court determined showed “probable cause” that crimes had been committed. Names of the patients were redacted by the court.
Morrison was given a boost when non-profit organizations that have been traced to late-term abortionist George R. Tiller, one of the subjects of Kline’s investigations, dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars into “hit piece” mailings against Kline. Pro-lifers question the legality of using a non-profit corporation to affect the outcome of a political race. IRS codes indicate that such campaigning is illegal.
Morrison has pledged to halt all investigations into abortion clinics, a promise that many view as a conflict of interest given Morrison’s compromised position with abortionists under criminal investigation.
“Kansas has opted to continue the practice of looking the other way when innocent young girls are taken to abortion clinics by their rapists, who are looking to destroy the evidence of their crimes,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It has also voted to ignore violations of Kansas law that bans post viability abortions. That vote has bloodied the hands of the Kansans who cast those votes.”
“We thank Phill Kline for having the courage to stake his promising political career on the protection of the lives of the innocent. He stood up to the constant attacks, misrepresentations, and downright lies perpetuated by the opposing campaign and the Kansas media with grace and unwavering determination to stand for the truth. We are very proud of him, and we pray for God’s blessings on him and his family,” said Newman.