Huge cross and monuments draw attention of Texas panhandle travelers.

Groom, TX — Truth Truck driver Bob Ferguson was traveling across the country on Interstate 40, and came upon a huge 190 foot cross that dominated the view from the flat Texas panhandle landscape. He stopped for a closer look and discovered that the site, the work of Cross Ministries, was more than just a cross monument. The site also had a number of other sculptures that directed the visitor to meditate upon the atoning work of Jesus Christ.
“There are life size bronze sculptures of Jesus depicting his journey to Calvary, His Death and Resurrection. There is an EMPTY TOMB with a bronze angel,” Bob reports. “These stations are on an outer wheel that encircles the cross. Each station has a scripture of the depicted scene, and a walkway spoke, which connects the outer wheel to the HUB of our faith — the Cross of Jesus Christ. I spent 3 hours with my Lord, traveling this walkway from each station of the cross to the next, meditating on His great love to have died for me (us).”

Bob even discovered a memorial to the unborn. There a tombstone memorial was dedicated to the Sanctity of Life and the innocent victims of abortion. Nearby was a full-sized bronze statue of Jesus weeping over an aborted baby held in his hand.
“The care taker at the site saw the Truth Truck and came over to speak with me and made sure to show me the memorial tomb to the unborn. It seemed they were pleased to have the Truth Truck on their site and for so long,” Bob said.
Vandals had attacked the memorial to the unborn and stolen the hands holding the baby. The caretaker told Bob that the bronze hands and baby ALONE will cost $3,800 to replace.
Bob was very touched by the site and highly recommends that everyone stop by for a visit when in the Groom, Texas area.
For more information about the cross site and to view additional photos of the many monuments there please visit Cross Ministries website at